It’s Time….

I've had enough: it is time to stop all the political posturing, name calling, the "he said, she said," the blame game, and get down to business. One memo has been released, a heavily redacted criminal referral has been released,… More

Free Press or Not?

I am often chided because of my obvious low opinion of the Mainstream media. I think there is some vindication in the air for my feelings. Front and center for the last week or so is the Mainstream media's absolute… More

“The” Memo Part II: Let’s Answer Questions

Yesterday I asked you to contemplate 10 questions that seemed obvious to me with the release of the Nunes Memo. Today we are going to give you OUR answers to those questions. So you will not have to go back… More

“The” Memo

Here it is. It is first a two-page letter from President Trump's attorney referencing reasoning and legal authorization for this memo's release. The next pages are the actual memo.  Please click on the following link and read the entire 4… More

The House Intelligence Committee Memo: Nuclear Bomb!

The nuclear bomb that is nastier and more powerful than any ever in our nation is about to explode. We are about to have the layers of the "corruption onion" called "American Intelligence" peeled back to lay naked the near-treasonous… More

Anger, Disbelief, or Fear?

That's a good question regarding the motives for the obvious disdain expressed by Democrats during the first State of the Union message of President Trump. Longtime Congressional Dem leaders, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and many rank-and-file Democrats sat… More

Are Americans’ Concerns about Immigration Racist?

The short answer: Not necessarily. Don't get me wrong -- I am pretty certain that some people simply do not want people of different races or religions coming to "their" country. But on the most part, people are pretty concerned… More

2018 State of the Union

Expectations are high in anticipation of the content of President Trump's first State of the Union Address. It is expected he will recount the positives from the first year of his presidency and detail some of his plans for 2018.… More

“Hypocrite” is spelled “T-R-U-M-P”

January 16, 2018 an Op-ed was posted in my hometown newspaper THE TIMES. It is an example of the thinking of many folks who are either Leftist Liberals or that simply do not diligently research information spilled from national media… More

A Funeral

I was privileged to speak at GaGa's funeral in Baton Rouge -- no, not "Lady GaGa," but the first GaGa: Marjorie Mims. She was a 94 year old aunt who quietly slipped away in her sleep. She was an amazing… More