Free Press or Not?

I am often chided because of my obvious low opinion of the Mainstream media. I think there is some vindication in the air for my feelings.

Front and center for the last week or so is the Mainstream media’s absolute hypocrisy compared to Mainstream media in the 70’s. There’s even a movie out about it. The Washington Post took their fight for the Press to be able to access information from the Pentagon to the Supreme Court — and won. Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep co-star in the movie out now Pentagon Papers that chronicles that fight. Yet with that movie in theaters now starring two of the highest profile Hollywood leftist elites who claim to be driven by a consuming lust for transparency from all in government, lost is the purpose for this movie and the struggle the Post experienced to publish for the American public the truth.

Hypocrisy? Yep. Plenty to go around here. The New York Times editorial board, the Washington Post, news anchors from all the cable news channels, Democrat Party leaders and Congressional members, and even Jimmy Kimmel are literally going crazy at Congressman Nunes’ efforts to shed light for the American public on the apparent political corruption that exists at the Justice Department and the FBI. Their allegations about the memo and its release ran the full spectrum of charges against the GOP in general, the President, Nunes and Paul Ryan, and everyone in America who thinks this information should be released. And since its release, the MSM have been joined by EVERYONE on the Left with a cry in unity claiming the release illustrates President Trump’s disdain for the DOJ, the FBI, and everyone in the Intelligence Community. They say simply releasing this memo has destroyed the public safety in the U.S. and America’s national security.

I guess they miss the disclaimer EVERY conservative I have seen or heard discuss pros and cons of its release. All (including President Trump) in every press conference and interview are careful to make it clear that the mistrust of the DOJ and FBI are NOT for the rank and file members of either department, but of a select few of those in leadership who for some reason or reasons have chosen to join the quest to destroy this President no matter the cost. And in doing so they have gone all-in allowing anything and everything necessary to achieve that objective to be part of the process — forget about truth and justice and the law.

Why the Struggle to Hide Contents of the Memo?

There can only be one answer for their fight to protect the contents of the memo: there’s something to hide (or some “things” to hide) that cause all of these former self-proclaimed bastions of the Free Press and transparency in reporting to abandon their ethics, morals, and journalistic integrity to hide whatever there is to hide.

It has been shocking to watch their efforts to denigrate everyone within the process of production and release of this information to the public. They leave nothing on the table. All decency and professionalism is gone. So what could the reason or reasons be for this massive struggle to hide its contents? Let’s take a look:

  • The information is so damning EVERYBODY on the Left is implicated in wrongdoing. That could include the actual Intelligence Department perpetrators, bosses who instigated or simply knew of and allowed the wrongdoing, members of the Press who were complicit in coverups and leaking false information to Americans disguised as true news reports, and a host of politicians;
  • Intelligence agency management are “in the tank” for everything anti-Trump and are so blinded by his agenda they have colluded with each other to create an environment that in their minds is necessary to destroy him and his plans for the nation;
  • Someone or something has placed a cloud of fear over the DOJ and FBI that is forcing those in charge to initiate these actions against the Trump agenda to protect whoever is demanding these coverup actions. If true, that would mean there is a grand conspiracy directed by someone outside of the Intelligence community that has enough power (from every source they possess) to “blackmail” those at DOJ and FBI to do their bidding;
  • Some type of deal was negotiated and implemented between those on the Left and those in the Intelligence community that is simply being played out that was made necessary by the Trump victory last November;
  • The DNC, the Clintons, and/or other Leftists had cut deals to protect all those who are complicit in these coverups because Hillary was certain to be elected. That would have given them all the cover necessary for them to be able to do whatever things they were asked to do and committed to do, knowing Hillary would issue a “get out of jail free” card from the White House.  None of them expected there to ever be a need to hide the truths revealed in the Memo.

New Questions After the Nunes Memo Release

  1. Who broke what federal laws in the corrupt actions taken by the Media, members of the FBI and Justice Department, and complicit politicians? Will any or all face prosecution for their illegal actions?
  2. What FBI and DOJ members will be fired? And if not fired, who will answer why?
  3. What other information will be unearthed with the subsequent investigation(s) Congressman Nunes has stated are underway? Who will be implicated and what actions will be taken to hold those responsible?
  4. How far up the chain in the Obama Administration does the wrong-doing go? Will action be taken against those identified of acts that played into the corruption revealed in the memo?
  5. It is obvious the MSM is in direct coordination of story lines and messaging with the DNC and Congressional Democrats on what to say on what days to fight every part of and every person involved in the release of this document. Who orchestrated such coordination?

There will certainly be many more questions asked and surely many surprises will be revealed in the coming days. But here is the largest and most nagging question for me: Knowing factually that there were definite unethical if not illegal actions taken to obtain the initial FISA warrant and its subsequent renewals, and hearing the mounting and intensifying cries of foul against the MSM and Democrats on the Left, is it really possible that the Media and Democrats would approve the illegal actions that took place so far in this investigation? Do they really want to allow such lying, cheating, and hiding of facts from the American people to be not only allowed in the future, but to encourage doing so? Was it OK for those illegal actions to have been taken?

If that is what their objective is, I pray with all that is in me that somehow someway someone will step forward who knows where every skeleton is buried and will present evidence to Americans to prove it all.


It is time for Americans to demand that every person in United States government turns away from any and every political narrative. It is time for Americans to demand every action taken by any member of the federal government be straight by the book: the U.S. Constitution and subsequent duly passed by Congress federal laws. It is time for Americans to shine the light on corruption in Washington.

Further, it is time for EVERY politician — whether elected or appointed — to either embrace ONLY the laws of the U.S. or step away.

I will promise you one thing: though some do not like him, his style, or his methods, this President has just gotten started carrying around a really big flashlight. He has just begun to shine that flashlight around the dark corners of the Swamp kitchen. As that flashlight shines in the dark kitchen corners, all the critters are being exposed.

There have been presidents in the past who have started out with the same goals and objectives. They too have shined a flashlight and exposed some of the D.C. Swamp kitchen critters. But each have eventually given-in to the vastness of the Swamp and the amazingly large number of critters that live there. This President has never in his life given up on anything. And he carries a bunch of extra batteries to make sure his flashlight has plenty of power.

The difference with Donald Trump? He keeps his light shining around the Swamp and never turns it off. He’s got fresh batteries. And when the light stays on, the darkness goes away. The light keeps the darkness away. The critters have no place to hide. So they get caught.

The critters are afraid. I’m pretty sure that is why they’re all working so hard — Democrats, Mainstream Media, and some establishment Republicans — to either put out his flashlight or run him out of the Swamp. Critters love the dark. Why? It hides everything they don’t want anybody to see.


“Hypocrite” is spelled “T-R-U-M-P”

January 16, 2018 an Op-ed was posted in my hometown newspaper THE TIMES. It is an example of the thinking of many folks who are either Leftist Liberals or that simply do not diligently research information spilled from national media pundits to garner facts. Actually it is pretty easy to fall into that thinking in today’s age of instant 24/7 news. (I know: a lot of it isn’t news at all!)

I don’t have permission from THE TIMES to reprint this Op-ed, so I’m sharing the link to it. Please take a few moments to read it and read my response below.


My Response to Editorial from Michael C. Baxter, Op-Ed Contributor published by THE TIMES 1/16/18

In his op-ed, Mr. Baxter defined the word hypocrite: “a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, especially a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.”

There is more than just one definition of the word hypocrite. A second (from the same source Mr. Baxter quoted) was not included in his op-ed: “a person who feigns some desirable or publicly approved attitude, especially one whose private life, opinions, or statements belie his or her public statements.” I wonder why the overlook of that definition?

Could it be that in his attack on the GOP and the President while defending the Left, he purposely neglected inclusion of the definition that applies specifically to the politically elite? Mr. Baxter portrays the Left as champions of the Middle Class and purveyors of virtue for all who bow at the altar of Political Correctness. He implicates wealthy Americans for greed while ignoring the hypocrisy of Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi. She called the bonuses companies are giving workers because of the Republican tax reform “crumbs,” a term she also used earlier this month to downplay the effects of the law. And the former Democratic Party chief Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz dismissed $1,000 bonuses as “chump change” that won’t be worth much when taxed. Talk about hypocrisy! Do the math: $3 billion (average of $1000 bonus to each of 3 million workers so far) is by no measure “crumbs” or “chump change” – at least not to those 3 million employees. Neither commented on the 300+ companies that — in addition to bonuses — have increased (voluntarily) their starting hourly minimum wage to $15. Mr. Baxter, just who receives these bonuses and wage increases? Primarily middle class families.

Democrats and extreme Leftists are not the only hypocrites in D.C. There is plenty of hypocrisy to go around. In fact, it becomes clearer daily that mainstream politicians of both parties hold the keys to political hypocrisy. It appears their goal in governing is to maintain the status quo to protect a balance of power, no matter the controlling party. With power comes everything politicians want or need – at the expense of voters. Elected officials understand party control changes from cycle to cycle. They seem to carefully keep the changes of party control from impacting the results of their power when the party control pendulum swings Left or Right. Therefore job security is constant – for ALL politicians.

Yes, most taxes in the U.S. are paid by the top 10% of Americans. Mr. Baxter parrots elitist attacks on these taxpayers demanding they are evil and, simply because they have financial success, should be considered villainous and should see much of their wealth confiscated through higher taxes. He demonizes corporations and demands they give ALL their profits to their workers.

Certainly from the few economic opinions he expressed, one can deduce Mr. Baxter is not a believer in entrepreneurship and the free market system that helps sustain the U.S. as the greatest country on Earth. Confiscatory tax law has stifled economic growth the last decade. That growth immediately returned with the election of Donald Trump. It comes from a combination of slashing onerous regulations, massive tax reductions, both that give wealth back to Middle Class Americans. After all, federal revenues do NOT belong to politicians, but to the Americans who pay them. Contrary to Mr. Baxter’s position, Americans know better than politicians what their tax dollars should be spent for. The Trump Administration has simply once again put Americans in charge of their own income.

It might surprise many (and certainly Mr. Baxter) that the $5 Trillion of new growth in value in the Stock Market does not go in the pockets of evil investment bankers and Wall Street brokers. Public corporations are owned by stockholders who invest and expect dividend and profit returns. Who buys these stocks that have gained such amazing value? Investment funds, pension funds, 401K and IRA accounts, insurance companies, bond holders and Middle Class families who put a few bucks away every month to save for college for their kids. Corporate profits go not only to company CEO’s as the Left likes to claim. It ALL goes to stockholders, most of who are Middle Class Americans.

Mr. Baxter and others of his liberal ilk choose to ignore the good that a majority of Americans have experienced economically in 2017. It seems they are afraid of losing control of “their” government. Instead of offering positive solutions to the serious problems facing America like immigration reform, tax reform, and honesty in the U.S. political system, they resort to name calling and blame. Why? To keep their followers in line. They fear the awakening of Americans to the Leftist tyranny that almost stole Capitalism from our nation and ushered in “Socialism Lite.” It was humorous that Mr. Baxter blamed the G.O.P. for the failure of Obamacare – the greatest financial boondoggle in American history. Not a single Republican voted for the failed insurance system. But Mr. Baxter ignored the lies perpetrated on the People by those who forced Americans out of working health policies into government policies that took American healthcare back into the 1920’s. Baxter demonized Republicans for not “fixing” Obamacare.

One can easily dislike President Trump on a personal level. His Queens, NY in-your-face style of negotiation is un-Presidential when compared to styles of previous presidents. But one cannot honestly believe what Mr. Baxter believes about Mr. Trump. Donald Trump has never made a pretense of his morality, beliefs, or principles. Everything he espouses is what he shows publicly to the World daily. Some reject those. But those are the reasons that Mr. Trump last November shocked the World – especially the Democrat AND Republican political elite – by winning an unwinnable election. Middle Class Americans en-masse sent the reality show star to 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue. And he works for them – not political party or campaign contributors or special interests. Americans like that.

Mr. Baxter’s op-ed illustrates the massive fear of Donald Trump shared by political elites throughout the U.S. and around the World. He not only talks about giving the U.S. back to its owners, he is doing so with little or no regard for the desires of the Leftist power brokers who have controlled the U.S. for decades and would STILL be in control if his opponent had won.

Mr. Baxter, there is no need to worry. If a majority of American voters share your beliefs, Mr. Trump will be vacating the White House in a short 3 years. My forecast is not only will he be given a second term, Democrats and many establishment Republicans will be sent packing this November. They will be replaced by those who like Donald Trump believe and live that the U.S. government be “by the People, of the People, and for the People.”

“Mr. President…..”

Mr. President, please take a moment to consider the thoughts of this American.

Your first year in office is over. May I have your permission to grade your first year?

  1. On Legislation. Yes, it’s true the only “big” legislative piece signed into law is the Tax Reform Law. But what a win! As just one American business owner who deals with federal taxes from the perspective of their being “confiscatory,” please know I understand why you pushed so hard for tax relief. Beyond that, please know most Americans understand as President your hands are tied regarding legislation. You can only offer up ideas and your opinions and make suggestions. Those 535 millionaires who have annually leaned further and further toward the advice of the lobbyists coming from E Street appear to have far more legislative clout than the American public has, including you. We voters have made several notes about their obstructionism. We expect some of that from the party opposite the sitting President’s party — not from his own party. We know this is not a political party issue — it’s purely an “anti-Trump” issue. Our notes are very likely to in November move the needle further toward the Right as it becomes clearer and clearer true conservatism is lacking in Congress. We need more conservatives who support YOUR agenda — OUR agenda. Keep pushing, please.
  2. On Immigration. Very few voters will give Democrats a pass for pushing so hard to obtain legal status for illegal immigrants. We applaud your continued insistence for the most simple of concepts to be kept in place and even strengthened: Stop Illegal Immigration. Allowing virtual open borders has nothing to do with a good heart or sincere desire to help those from other countries who are needy. It is only about votes. Being the party who will always be able to say (truthfully or not truthfully) that they were the ones who obtained amnesty for illegals. Democrats understand obtaining legal status for illegals is their only hope for perpetuation of their hopes to regain credibility among enough voters to regain control of Congress and the White House. Americans understand the objective of the Left is to use voting control to move our country to full fledged Socialism. We cannot allow this to happen. After all, there is NO pure Socialist country on Earth that can maintain that philosophy fiscally or socially. They fail. You MUST keep our country moving away from any hint of totalitarianism and away from capitalism.
  3. On Foreign Policy. I chuckle at the artificial derision of the media of your successes overseas. The U.S. media has absolutely no understanding of how little respect the previous Administration held from foreign leaders. For those of us who spend time in Europe and Asia in business, it is spooky to see just how the disdain for all things American grew so swiftly during the Obama Administration. There was little political foreign respect for the Presidency and for that matter Americans. Obviously the wake-up call came immediately upon your state visits to the Middle East, Western Europe, and China. The U.S. media looked on in shock. Of course Americans quickly caught-on that the foreign mistrust of American government came from the hypocritical foreign policy implemented by Obama and maintained by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Many foreign governments are full of hypocrites in positions of power and authority. And it’s easy for a hypocrite to identify other hypocrites. The difference was Hillary and Barack did not understand that and continued with policy that foreign governments fundamentally rejected — though quietly. Honesty, credibility, integrity, and trust with your election rushed back into place between D.C. and foreign capitals. That cannot be purchased or demanded. It must be earned. You have done so and most Americans applaud you for it.
  4. On the American Economy. Politicians seldom have business savvy. Americans elected you in part because of your understanding of the critical necessity at this time in U.S. history for a leader who does. You’ve proven that was a good decision through your mandates for the gutting of senseless bureaucratic business regulations, negotiating changes in U.S. one-sided foreign trade agreements, bringing back a long-gone belief to corporate leaders that the American government is on the side of corporations again, and pushing hard for the tax environment that now allows corporations to bring back billions of dollars that have been held offshore so as to avoid double taxation under U.S. tax law. 26,000 on the Dow was never even dreamed of until your inauguration. Forget about the cries of “this only helps the rich!” We have watched our 401K’s and IRA’s balloon in value. We get it.
  5. On Government Spending. Slashing sizes and even closing bloated government agencies is showing Middle Americans (who must from time to time do the same thing in their businesses to prevent losses) that we now have a President that knows government cannot continue spending more than it brings in. This practice more than any other under previous Presidents is the primary reason for there being so much mistrust of Congress among voters. You obviously recognized long ago that Congress feels that when they approve pork projects they act as if it is their money to blow. (And cutting taxes takes THEIR money away from them) Tax dollars belong to Americans! You have made it clear on behalf of the deplorables who elected you that such practices must be stopped — passing bills that perpetuate this waste will NOT be signed into law. $470 Billion in revealed Congressional waste in 2016 MUST be stopped! Our government must continue to find ways to frugally and wisely allocate American tax dollars to first fund the needs of protecting America from domestic and international attacks of every kind and the direct needs of the American people. Waste must be eliminated.
  6. Presidential Communications. Shortly after your election I suggested you consider ceasing traditional White House press briefings and open a “White House You Tube Channel” for your exclusive use to frequently bring your thoughts, plans, and ideas directly to the American people sans media filters. You obviously decided to ramp up your already consistent Twitter process that obviously reaches tens of millions of American instantly when sent. It is humorous to see the daily news cycle set early each morning upon the media’s receipt of your first tweet of the day. You own the news! And that tears them up. Please know most Americans love that fact. Sure, there are Americans who disagree not with your message but with some of the method used in your tweets to get your points across. But I understand you have a reason for every word of every tweet you share. What is critical is that you have found “THE” way to reach Americans without the need for the media. Brilliant stroke of method communication. Please keep it up.


If I was asked today to give you a letter grade for your first year it would be a solid “B+.” It is noteworthy that the only reason I grade your success down that fraction is that more of your policies proposed and political appointments made are not in place and in operation. That is not your fault. That lies at the feet of the obstructionists who diligently fight to maintain an environment of prevention of your plans and ideas.

Please, Sir, in spite of the negatives you face 24/7 from ALL sides, continue with the same resilience and resolve to lead Americans along the path on which we have embarked toward true liberty in every part of American life. I know it is difficult to face the continual derision you face, but you have the respect and honor already from at least 62 million Americans and a large contingent of foreigners who have recognized and are clinging to the hope of change that is already beginning under your leadership in your first term as President.

You truly are leading the fight — and doing so very successfully — to Make America Great Again.

The Trump “Facade”

How could such a successful billionaire from New York and a elected U.S. President spend so much time on Twitter name-calling and tooting his own horn?

Of course this is about Donald Trump. No President in my 64 years has ever taken such an approach after taking the Oath of Office. And no President in history has ever before been excoriated by the Media in such a constant and rabid manner for ANY actions while in office as has Trump. What is going on? I think it is safe to say that he and his methods of operation in the Oval Office are a bit different from his predecessors. And most in the Media and the Establishment politicians just don’t get it. So let’s “get it.”

Donald Trump is from Queens. He grew up inside of the Queens “in-your-face” environment. And Queens — especially back in the 60’s and 70’s — was a pretty tough place in which to grow up. Contrary to Mainstream Media reports, Trump’s father though somewhat successful, was by no means wealthy in The Donald’s formative years. Donald Trump learned and adopted his father’s amazing work ethic, negotiating and sales skills, and business operations style and techniques. Though Trump-The-Elder staked his son at the inception of his commercial real estate career, the decades of remarkable successes for President Trump came at the hands of HIS hard work and persistence. And he built that success within the “Queens Environment.”

Almost every social and economic pocket in the U.S. has cultural and social elements specific to that culture. In mine, the dessert favorites are beignets from Cafe du Monde, King Cake, and dinner main course delicacies of boiled crawfish and Jambalaya. Want to tell some one “Hello?” “Comon sava, Sha!” (south Louisiana translation: “Hi there, child!”)  Even curse words in the Cajun world are not formal French, but from the Cajun dialect, which is a cross between French, English, and some Indian slang. (I will not share any of those here) Do I need to say that Queens has cultural idiosyncrasies that pretty much ignore acceptable political etiquette? Donald Trump grew up in that, was successful in that world, and has taken that world to Washington D.C., to the chagrin of the Mainstream Media and the Political Establishment. Name-calling and “tooting his own horn” are examples of that. And how his opponents hate it and abhor his doing so!

Why Does He Do It?

Remember that old adage: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” The President’s mindset is simple: he learned all of these successful operating methods over a period of decades. He has used them to successfully navigate through some of the roughest and meanest people and processes in the Nation. They obviously have worked well. After all, his reported net worth is at least 1 with 9 zeros behind it. Operating the “in-your-face” way led to his success. Why change it?

The big question  throughout his first year in Office (besides the non-stop “Why does he do that?”) is “Can a U.S. President be successful in every area of government necessary — domestic policy, foreign policy, defense, and economics — to run the country?” No doubt politically he is doing it a different way. Is it working?

I will not list all of the Trump accomplishments in his first year. But it is safe to say there are many. In fact, I posted multiple pages listing dozens and dozens of Trump Administration accomplishments that were so lengthy it took 4 days of listing those! (See “Trump Accomplishments Since the 2016 Election” posted here July 11, 12, 13,14 of 2017) There are many. And their results are obvious to millions of Americans AND millions of people in other countries. However, it seems that Democrats, other Liberals, and the Mainstream Media see those results differently, OR their personal and corporate political agendas preclude their acceptance of these successes.

One Establishment U.S. Senator — Orin Hatch from Utah — was initially not too keen on the idea of Donald Trump as President. And in the early days of the Trump Presidency, Hatch had some pretty spicy observations of the “Newbie” from Queens. But with the spreading shadows of the evening of Trump’s first year in office, the Utah Senator changed his tune. During his nearly 41 years in office, Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch has seen seven presidents in the White House. Donald Trump, he said, is “one of the best I’ve served under.” “He’s not afraid to make decisions,” Hatch said during an interview broadcast by MSNBC. “He’s not afraid to take on the big mouths around here.”

There is More to Trump’s Governing Methods than just Winning

Make America Great Again” — the Trump Campaign slogan so often heard at campaign rallies and still used in public by the President — demonstrates his exact mindset with which 62 million Americans who voted for him agree. That slogan and its meaning flies in the faces of all those on the Left (and Right) who wished to maintain the status quo in government. That is where the “Great Divide” inside the Beltway resides. Lefties and Establishment Republicans summarily reject his methods while the Americans who elected him on the most part love them. So what else besides his Queens heritage drives his boat?

He hates “Average.” In fact, this President views “Average” as “Failure.” And to be honest, it really is.

In school there are several ways to make average grades. Average is a “C.” To be an average student through a time period, the student can make on tests an equal number of “A’s” as “F’s,” an equal number of “B’s” as “D’s,” or simply all “C’s.” Trump’s thought process is this: making all “C’s” means the student is incapable to do better or is too lazy to do better and just takes the easy road. Or that student accepts less than average as an accomplishment. OR, THAT STUDENT FEELS FAILING IS ALLRIGHT. That simply does not work in the Trump world.

Failure is not OK with the President. Neither is average. Some on the Left may understand this mindset but reject it. The alternative is that simply accepting average regardless of how it occurs is unacceptable for multiple reasons. For the United States, Trump’s attitude is “We can do better than average.” And on his watch, America WILL do better than average.

Why is doing this so consuming the President? He understands that allowing this and future generations to accept average as all-right will result in unnecessary and undesired failures in every area of American life. It is true that no two people are exactly alike or have the exact same abilities. What is average for some might be above average for others. What is average for some might be failure for others. What determines which is applicable is the capabilities of each.

To Trump the “sin” is the acceptance of less than what CAN be accomplished. Doing so feeds the settling for average. The danger in doing so is that the bar slides lower and lower and the level of acceptable achievement slides with it. Every drive to achieve, DO better, BE better, and make the U.S. better steadily declines.

President Trump summarily rejects average, less than best in his family, his businesses, the White House, and the Congress — not because he is narcissistic or gaudy or vain or smarter or better than others. He does it because he wants and expects the best FROM Americans which will always result in the best FOR Americans.

The President gets it, 62 million American voters get it, and so do many on the Left. They are terrified of it. Why? They know if a majority of Americans learn the truth of his methods, the Liberal Left are toast.

If the Establishment Republicans don’t get it, the GOP is toast.



Let’s Play “What If?”

Do you now feel Trump impeachment is likely?

Many people do. Many on the Left can barely wait for the House to vote Articles of Impeachment followed by a Trump impeachment trial by the Senate. Those on the Right watching the obviously tainted investigation by Mueller think the Deep State is out to get the President and are succeeding. But what if both Right and Left are missing some things that will change the entire process? How about some “possibilities?”

What If?

  • What if there has been an orchestrated plan going back deep into the 2016 campaign to slay a bunch of political dragons?
  • What if Russia really did impact the outcome of the 2016 election?
  • What if many in the Intelligence Community, both campaigns, and a group of those in Congress knew of the Russian election interference and simply ignored it?
  • What if one of the presidential candidates not only knew about Russian involvement but in part orchestrated it?
  • Remember in the campaign Candidate Trump often talked about Putin and how if elected he would make Russia friendly with the U.S. because of a personal relationship between Trump and Putin?
  • Remember that every time Russia came up during the campaign Hillary chided Trump because Russia would never be a U.S. friend?
  • Remember when Obama chided Trump for his Putin talks, Lynch was aghast, Holder was beside himself?
  • What if everything Trump does or says is really for a calculated reason?
  • What if Trump knew about the Uranium One deal?
  • What if Trump knew about the FBI investigation into that deal that apparently had been covered up?
  • What if during the campaign Trump discovered the $140 million of Russian money that had been funneled into the Clinton Foundation?
  • What if Trump found out about the bribery and deal cutting in the Uranium One deal that involved dozens of high level politicians and federal apppointees?
  • What if Trump purposely appointed Sessions as Attorney General then instructed him to recuse himself from any Clinton election campaign investigation?
  • What if Trump instructed Sessions to appoint Rod Rosenstein as Deputy AG?
  • What if Trump inferred in his interview with Mueller for the FBI Director job that he knew of Mueller’s involvement in the Uranium One investigation?
  • What if Mueller reached out to Rosenstein with that information and talked Rosenstein into appointing him as Special Investigator the next day after his Trump interview to find/create evidence that would clear the pair of their illegal involvement in the Uranium One deal?
  • What if Trump knew that would happen before he declined to appoint Mueller but did so anyway?
  • What if the above regarding Rosenstein and Mueller being “the bad guys” really are part of “the good guys” and have been cooperating with Trump and sessions from the start? What if they have known all the players and details of Uranium One from the start?
  • What if Mueller and his team are being so quiet because they know if any in the Deep State get details of Mueller’s investigation are about Clinton and the Clinton Foundation the “bad guys” would find a way to step in and shut it down?
  • What if what the Uranium One/Russian Trump dossier gang have assumed that Trump has really been on his heels, reeling from the realities thrown his way of his Russian collusion and he doesn’t know what to do?
  • What if the reality is that Mueller has been relentlessly digging into the truth about Uranium 1, its players and bribery proponents, and also the truth about the Trump dossier?
  • What if in doing so he found a MASSIVE Russian bribery scheme involving 1 of the Presidential candidates in which she compromised US nat’l security?
  • What if he also found the illegal funding of solicitation of info from Russian government sources to smear Trump as a candidate?
  • What if compounding that offense, he discovered that funding of this dossier was funneled through a law firm, which is illegal?
  • What if indictments for many or all of those who perpetrated these crimes are already issued and sealed while the final investigative pieces are being finalized? (FBI files heretofore hidden about the Clinton email investigation have been released to Congress today)
  • What if the previous administration and those implicated in these various scandals are all brought to justice and indictments followed by trials and guilty verdicts sends Obama cronies to jail?
  • The Media are deeply party to all this. What if it is revealed that they missed this entire historical event because they fell for the Opening Story: “Trump Colluded with Russia?”
  • What if Campaign and then President Trump purposefully pounded in almost every public appearance that the Mainstream Media gives the nation only “Fake News” to keep them on the wrong track while those on the right track completed their business?


This all may seem too wild to believe. But if you take a few minutes and think through the possible answers to all these “What Ifs,” you will discover that each could very well be true. Here is the overshadowing truths to consider while you are answering the “What Ifs:” Donald Trump is far from stupid, far from afraid, and far from gullible. If people think his tweets — each one — are shots from the hip with no thoughtfulness and that they each are not purposeful, they are deceived. Is it actually believable that the Clintons and their cronies could continue down their seemingly life-long trek of cheating, lying, breaking laws while thumbing their noses at authorities without being called to task? By the way, does anyone believe that Jeff Sessions is so soft, so afraid, so intimidated by those in the Clinton Machine that he would back away from pursuing legal confrontation for their wrongdoing? I doubt it.

There’s a new sheriff in town.

As I have told you all for months: “Buckle in. We’re going on a ride and I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a fun one!”

Radical Tax Cuts

Is there any doubt Pelosi, Schumer, and every other Democrat would characterize anything proposed by this President as “evil” (Pelosi’s word) and “an attack on America’s Middle Class?” (Pelosi AND Schumer’s words)

Thursday details of the Tax Plan were revealed. Reportedly — at least according to the President and Congressional GOP leaders — this plan would be the biggest income tax reduction for Americans in U.S. history. But whether or not it is will have to be decided by Americans on their own, for politicians are at odds regarding its results.


Weeks before details were made available to the public, (including members of Congress) House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) started beating the drum publicly that this would raise the tax burden on the Middle Class while taking money from that group and giving it to the wealthiest Americans in the form of tax reductions.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said Sunday that the Republican Party’s proposed plan to cut taxes is “armageddon.” Pelosi, appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” said, “And in any case we have to fight — this tax bill is Armageddon. That is it. This hurts the middle class. It’s an opportunity to cost our investments in our budget. We’re for a better deal and better jobs and better pay, a better future and we must reject the Republican tax plan. That’s our task at hand.”

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said: “Trump’s plan, by contrast, would slash taxes for the top tax bracket, repeal the estate tax, and create a huge new loophole by reducing the rate on pass-through entities, allowing wealthy law firms and hedge fund managers to circumvent higher tax rates. The Tax Policy Center estimates that the top 1% will enjoy 80% of the benefits from Trump’s plan — while a third of middle-class taxpayers will be paying more in taxes by 2027.

Non-Partisan Tax Foundation

The non-partisan Tax Foundation has reviewed the proposal to determine how the new rates and deductions could affect single and multiple-income earning households. “Our results indicate a reduction in tax liability for every scenario we modeled, with some of the largest cuts accruing to moderate-income families with children and fixed-income retirees,” the group said in its review.

Do you sense a little partisanship “fudging” on the facts here?

The Trump Administration

President Trump made massive tax relief to primarily benefit the American Middle Class a cornerstone of his campaign which in part prompted voters to elect him. Just as with Healthcare reform, Immigration reform including building a southern wall, rolling back regulations to free-up companies to expand and re-hire employees, his tax relief program is now on the table and becomes the responsibility of Congress. Can they/will they follow through with the legislative process designed and implemented by the first Congress to put the preferences of the People in place to run the government?

The cries from the Left have been deafening since long before terms of the Tax Program were released. those cries apparently have been full of untruths, half truths, and assumptions. Those accusations thrown out by Pelosi, Schumer, the DNC, and other anti-Trump partisans are purposely clouding the picture for Americans. The Middle Class are asking two simple questions: will my taxes be cut? Will I be able to keep more of my money?

The common allegation from the Left is that under this plan, the rich will get tax cuts. Following their reason: those tax cuts for the rich must come from somewhere and someone. Aha! They must come from the Middle Class. In looking for a reasonable and understandable response to that, Trump Press Secretary Sara Huckaby Sanders had the best one and opened a White House press briefing with it. Please watch it as she uses a story to illustrate the impact on different economic classes of Americans. It’s 5 minutes long, but well worth the watch.

Doesn’t that explain why and how ignorant the Left are with their cries of “tax cuts will only benefit the wealthy?” Putting a plan in practice seldom plays out in real life like it does on paper. The example given here makes it very clear.


What is the furor from the Democrats about this plan? Everyone wants their taxes to be reduced, right? The problem is that the money for funding those tax cuts must come from somewhere. And the Left cannot bear to think of losing “their” money. Let’s face it: government exists to find ways to GET money and find better ways to SPEND money. Cutting the dollars taxpayers are now shipping the Washington means somebody is going to have to give up some cash for these tax cuts to work. So they lash out to try and convince Americans of the evil of this tax overhaul. But there’s one truth Americans need to understand:

The great devourer of tax dollars is the Federal Government! Do you realize they take and spend $3.5 Trillion tax dollars annually? Sure a big chunk of that money goes to fund direct costs of the government: military, education, infrastructure, foreign policy, etc. But much of it goes to special interests that seem to always find their way into the Capitol to vacuum our tax dollars away. Pelosi and Schumer are beathing the drum of the horror of increasing our nation’s debt. Give me a break! On their watch, during the last 10 years under the Obama Administration, the past President along with his Congressional bankers piled up more debt than that from the administrations of every president in U.S. history added together! Their “debt” cries are hypocritical and should be ignored.

Yes, our debt will probably rise a bit. But not as much as you may think. Why? Jobs and Gross Domestic Product. Both are racing since the Trump Inauguration. GDP is growing at a record rate through the first 3 quarters of 2017 as is consumer confidence AND employment. Did you know that the value of the stock market has risen over $5 Trillion since January!

Here’s the bottom line: The Left are hollowing about tax cuts. Why? one simple reason: the loss of “their” money. That’s right. Liberals believe it is their right to confiscate the wealth of Americans through taxes and then use that money in whatever manner they so choose in total disregard of those who earned that money. Pelosi and Schumer are petrified to think they may be seeing their power and control are slipping away because of the “New Sheriff in town.” That sheriff understands that Government not only is America’s problem, America is doomed if Americans do not take control of their own way of government and relieve those who do not share as soon as possible.

Here’s the takeaway for you: Isn’t it about time for Americans to stop the confiscation of their wealth by a fat cat bureaucracy that is destroying the nation economically? That happens through massive tax reductions NOT allowing Government to run our lives.

The glaring truth here that is shameful and explanatory at the same time: those in D.C. look at these proposed tax cuts as Donald Trump taking money away from them. Obviously that is NOT what this is all about! THAT MONEY DOES NOT BELONG TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. IT IS OUR MONEY. And if the government gets any, as it must, it will always come FROM Americans who agree taxpayers giving up their wealth and livelihood will only work if the PEOPLE decide on that process.




Have We No Shame?

Let the politicization of EVERYTHING in America continue!

Frederica Wilson — Florida Democratic Congresswoman — who claims Trump told the grieving widow of a soldier killed in Niger “I’m sure he knew what he was signed up for, but when it happens, it hurts anyway,” went deeper into her charges against the President: “This gentleman has a brain disorder and he needs to be checked out,” Wilson said of Trump on CNN. Wilson claimed she has proof of what Trump said, explaining she was one of several people in the vehicle who heard a portion of the call. ‘“This man is a sick man; he’s cold hearted and feels no sympathy or pity for anyone. This is a young woman, 10 months pregnant… she has two other kids. And when she hung up the phone she looked at me and said, ‘He didn’t even know his name’.”

Understand this: four young men serving as Green Baret in Niger were ambushed by terrorists and killed. The heartaches for those men’s families began that day and will never end. As often happens, the President called to give condolences to the widow of one of those soldiers. The Congresswoman mentioned above listened-in on the call and then went to CNN to blast what President Trump allegedly said to the widow during the call. By many accounts — including that of General John Kelly who now serves as Chief of Staff for the President — Ms. Wilson grossly misrepresented what President Trump said to the woman and certainly misrepresented the context and tone of his call.

The purported misrepresentation of what he said is NOT so much a travesty as is the fact that a Congresswoman took political advantage of the most horrible situation any family member can face — the death of a loved one in combat — to make her continued political charges against the President.

Have we no shame?

Unfortunately, the politicization of EVERYTHING in America occurs daily, continues to grow in number and intensity, and is quickly becoming an expected process in America. In doing so, the American news organizations have morphed into creating tabloid grocery store rags that reek of gossip at the lowest level while purporting to be real news. Their methodology of operations is to be as loud and ridiculous to attract attention. The truth is no longer even secondary. Growing viewers and readers are all that matter. The cost of their yellow journalism to people they interface with is no matter. Their motto? “Never let the truth or integrity or care for those included in a story affect what they NEED to report.” The story is worth any expense the media must pay — or so they say.


General Kelly called the White House press corps together specifically to discuss what the Congresswoman did and to explain President Trump’s phone call to the widow. Kelly heard the entire call. He was floored by the remarks and allegations made by Wilson on CNN but moreso by the fact that anyone would invade one of the most intensely personal moments in any person’s life — coming to grips with the death of a loved one in a military incident. And then to politicize for any reason at all is unconscionable.

General Kelly’s remarks were halted and emotional at times. Several times Kelly had to stop speaking to choke back tears. He himself a Gold Star parent — he lost his son in battle several years ago — was in disbelief that anyone like the Congresswoman could take such a tragic and intensely personal travesty and turn it into a political opportunity for herself. But the Congresswoman was not alone. Here was the Washington Post headline after the White House briefing:

The White House’s ‘highly inappropriate’ response to a fact-check reveals an authoritarian mindset

Not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton’s former campaign spokesman called retired Gen. John Kelly “odious” on Thursday after the White House chief of staff and Gold Star father spoke about President Trump’s decision to call the families of four soldiers killed in Niger earlier this month. “Don’t be distracted by the uniform,” Brian Fallon, a CNN contributor and past communications director for Clinton’s campaign, wrote on Twitter following Kelly’s remarks. “Kelly isn’t just an enabler of Trump. He’s a believer in him. That makes him as odious as the rest,” wrote Fallon, who is also an adviser to the Democratic political action committee, Priorities PAC.

Have we no shame?


I have only one thing to say: “STOP IT!” It simply is time for Americans to push the “pause” button on responses to others around them and re-evaluate what they say and how they say the things they do to. Life is simply not primarily about us — or it shouldn’t be. Me-ism is destroying America. It is the consuming power on which the Left is driven as is the Media. Somehow for some reason politicians and members of the Leftist Media believe that no story is complete without injecting their lives and their opinions into it. Making all they do, see, and hear about them rather than just being about the circumstances they face proves that morality, self-deprecation, self-denial, and putting others first is no longer needed and are a waste. Putting others first is dead. John F. Kennedy famously instructed Americans to “Ask not what your Country can do for you, but ask what you can do for your Country.” Boy, did this generation of politicians and media reject that.

Let’s just be quiet and respectful for others — especially those who have or will in the next days bury their dead sons and husbands and fathers killed serving the Nation. Then let’s talk TO each other and stop talking AT each other. Let’s face it: it is impossible for anyone to know someone else without spending time with that person. Until you know me there is no way you can make a educated decision about what type person I am. The same is true the other way around.

When someone accidentally drops an egg and it breaks, let’s let it be that and nothing more: no one hated the egg and threw it; there was no conspiracy among hens to lay a broken egg; the farmer did not get angry at the chickens and start killing them quietly. STUFF HAPPENS. Not always are those things the direct results of other things we have done or haven’t done.

Let’s sit down and rest for a few minutes. If/when anyone finds a pure negative person with a huge chip on their shoulder, let’s not spend every waking moment trying to knock that chip off.

And PLEASE: let’s continue to give Gold Star families some space, trust, and support for their tragedy. Their life is tough enough without others piling on. Let’s keep it clean and do it together.

Have we no shame?


Congress: GOP or Dem Controlled?

Americans thought Republicans clearly won control of both House of Congress, right?

Certainly the majority control of the House of Representatives belongs with the GOP. But the Senate not so much. It seems there are Senators who ran for election as Republicans that after winning and assuming their Senatorial duties have often voted against GOP legislation. Some seem to do so often. Many Americans have begun to question the political ethics of some Republican Senators. The actions of those Senators are short-cutting the Trump Agenda that, oddly enough, ALL these candidates supported during the 2016 campaign. Let’s look at a few.

John McCain (R-AZ) Senator McCain has been a mainstay for the GOP in the Senate since 1987. Who can forget the 2008 Presidential election in which journeyman Senator McCain made a courageous  but failed attempt to defeat junior Senator Barack Obama for the Presidency. In 1982, McCain was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, where he served two terms. He was first elected to the U.S. Senate in 1986 and easily won re-election five times, most recently in 2016. He has generally been considered a conservative, but has often taken on the GOP on certain issues and voted opposite from the conservative side of the Party. For the past 15 years, McCain has notably moved away from the Republican Party platform and seems to take pride in the nickname of “maverick.” As a member of the far-left Republican Main Street Partnership, he embodies the group’s unstated mission statement of destroying conservatives within the Republican Party. Is he a Conservative?

• McCain is the lead author of the bill to regulate modern campaign finances (McCain-Feingold), a move that was universally condemned by conservatives as unconstitutional and tendentious to incumbent politicians.
• He has also been the leading voice within the Republican Party for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.
• He opposed the 2001 and 2003 Bush tax cuts, and is widely blamed for watering down the cuts and forcing sunset provisions that have caused some of the tax rates to expire.
• As a member of the Commerce Committee, McCain pushed for global warming and cap-and-trade style regulations on energy output, in addition to opposing some proposals to drill for oil.
• He has also been more open to federal mandates and regulations on private industry and weak on certain liberty issues.
• His advocacy of limiting campaign contributions and regulating tobacco shows a penchant for using robust federal powers and big government to limit freedom.

Mitch McConnell (R-KY) Senator Mitch McConnell has been involved in politics since the 1960s; He has served in various political positions and elected offices since college. McConnell was elected to the Senate in 1984, and was elected to his sixth term in 2014. From 2003-2007 he served as the Republican Whip. He has been the Republican Leader of the Senate since 2007. While quietly voting with conservatives throughout his career on issues related to life, guns (although he has taken a number of bad votes), and most tax issues, McConnell has failed to lead for conservatives on most critical issues during his time in leadership. In the few instances where he has publicly or privately spearheaded an initiative, it was for some of the most unpopular causes with conservatives, such as the Wall Street bailout, fiscal cliff tax increases, and debt ceiling increases. McConnell occasionally votes conservatively, but he has never used his leadership position to lead the Republicans against questionable policies, such as amnesty for illegal aliens, the war in Syria, and large spending bills. The only time McConnell has significantly led a conservative fight was in the battle against McCain-Feingold and other efforts to limit free speech. He has been active recently in fighting against the Obama administration’s war against coal, but only because it impacts his home state of Kentucky.

Lindsey Graham (R-SC) Another military veteran, Senator Lindsey Graham has served in both the Air Force and Air National Guard, and served as an officer in the JAG Corps. He still serves in the Air Force Reserves. His political career began with one term in the South Carolina House of Representatives from 1993-1995. He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1995, and served as a Congressman until 2002, when he was elected to the U.S. Senate. Graham was elected to a third term as Senator in 2014. He currently serves on the Appropriations, Armed Services, Budget, and Judiciary committees.

Graham was seen as a fairly conservative politician at the start of his career. That has changed, however, since he entered the Senate. For example, the Senator has voted for all of the bailouts, supports federal involvement in financial services and housing, and has even suggested that the federal government should take over banks. In addition to all this, he has voiced support to raise taxes to balance the budget. Senator Graham seems to like taxes and is one of the lead supporters of the Internet sales tax proposal. Serving on the Judiciary Committee, Graham has helped push many liberal judges through the judicial nomination process, including two Obama Supreme Court nominees, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Graham has also worked with Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer to constantly bring up immigration legislation. He has also been one of the strongest advocates for open borders and amnesty for illegal aliens.

Orrin Hatch (R-UT) The only elected office Orrin Hatch has ever held is his seat in the U.S. Senator, which he won in 1977. However, he has been active in politics for over 35 years and, prior to political life, he was a lawyer. Ironically, Senator Hatch ran his first campaign in Utah by claiming that his opponent had been in Washington too long and had lost touch with his constituents. Over 35 years later he has appeared to have suffered the same fate. Recognized as a well-practiced career politician, Senator Hatch’s voting record has shifted away from the right over the years and he has become a solidly centrist/left leaning “establishment” Republican, and especially leaning to the left on social issues It wasn’t always that way.

He was elected to the U.S. Senate as a conservative “culture warrior.” It seems that Senator Hatch quickly learned his way around Washington and began to engage in complex deal-making instead of advancing a conservative agenda. For example, he voted for the creation of the Department of Education and has advocated federal intervention in education while on the HELP Committee. As a member of the Judiciary Committee, Hatch has done little to oppose the liberal nominees of the Obama administration. On the Finance Committee, Hatch has a long record of supporting tax pork for green energy and has been a passionate supporter of earmarks, especially those that benefit his state.

When it comes to illegal immigration, he has been one of the strongest voices for amnesty, having served as the critical vote for the Gang of 8 amnesty bill both in committee and on the Senate floor. Senator Hatch was also an early supporter of the DREAM Act and for agriculture jobs bills. These legislative actions have become the basis of the current Democrat immigration agenda.

Roy Blunt (R-MO) Blunt was elected to the U.S. Senate in 2011 and currently sits on the Appropriations Committee, Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, and the Rules and Administration Committee. He was formerly the Republican Whip in the U.S. House of Representatives as well as the Majority Leader for a brief time. He was also elected to Senate Republican leadership as Republican Vice Chair for the 113th Congress.

Blunt was described in a November 2010 Wall Street Journal article: “He was the right-hand man to former Majority Leader Tom DeLay and in his own right a powerful dispenser of patronage and influence… He was an effective whip. To others, he epitomizes the transactional K Street politician who uses the prerogatives of office to protect incumbents—hence the nickname ‘Mr. Earmark.’”

• As a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, he has consistently voted with the bipartisan group of senators approving higher spending levels.
• As the lead Republican on the Surface Transportation Subcommittee, he has opposed devolving transportation to the states.
• As the lead Republican on the Agriculture Subcommittee of the Appropriations Committee, he has strongly supported agriculture subsidies, green energy subsidies, and earmarks.

What does all this Mean?

What this all means is that the Senate is really NOT Republican controlled. It also means that American voters that last November sent John McCain and others to Washington to fulfill the promises they during their campaigns are NOT getting what they expected from these Senators. Voters sent them there with one message: “Support the Trump agenda.” These Senators not only have not supported the President, on multiple occasions have actually campaigned AGAINST Trump agenda items. Who can forget this picture:

This picture is from the floor of the Senate the evening when the Senate vote was taken for the passage of what was called “the skinny Repeal of Obamacare.” This picture shows John McCain on his way to the Senate floor to cast the deciding vote to kill the bill. And he did so immediately after a meeting with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY). McCain went back to his desk and sat after casting his “no” vote. He eventually made his way to the Democrats’ side of the chamber and was greeted with hugs and cheers.

In casting that no vote, McCain illustrated my point here: even though Senators who are registered Republicans and who ran for office as Republicans, they are all NOT Republicans in legislating. Every GOP Senator campaigned promising to repeal and replace Obamacare, including McCain as did the other two who voted “No” on the bill with McCain: Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska.


Allow me to speak editorially here: President Trump in all of the outlandish allegations he makes against many different groups and people is NOT simply screaming in anger. In each he has an objective. “Fake Media:” his primary reasons for repeatedly calling out specific members of the media are to illustrate with specific examples just how untruthful the liberal media often are. Secondly, every time he makes that charge, those in the media go crazy and spend large amounts of broadcast time and newsprint inches retaliating, responding, creating excuses for the specific instances he brings up about their fake reporting. In doing this, he keeps the media so busy complaining about him and his “un-Presidential” actions that they miss the real purposes of his tweets about them: to divert their attention away from actual news.

Remember this advice: “Never let your right hand know what your left hand is doing?” That is precisely part of his tweet-war reasoning. Who can fault him? It certainly has worked!

I am right now sitting on the edge of my seat to watch and hear what he will say and do next. Being a part of the “Trump Era” is to me just like reading chapters of a Tom Clancy mystery novel as Clancy is writing them. What chapter will Trump write next?

One thing for certain: as he calls out RINO Republican Senators going forward, (which he will certainly do — again and again and again…) he has/will have a purpose: to expose the liberal bias they have while also showing Americans how blatantly each has ignored their campaign promises to their constituents. In doing so, you can bet conservative Americans will get the message. You can expect to experience a ground swell of anger and disdain for these lawmakers to result in wholesale change in the Senate.

That cannot come soon enough for me.





So the President really WAS Wiretapped!

Yep. It appears during the campaign and even after the election, President Trump’s staff and it seems some of those in his Administration were electronically surveilled.

Let’s be perfectly clear: President Trump in his initial tweet claimed he had been “wiretapped.” That term is no longer used, but describes the only electronic surveillance available to intelligence folks back in the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s. It involved actual tapping into telephone lines. When technology invented the latest way to quietly surveil electronic communications, (internet email and internet phone calls) the term “wiretap” was still used as a catch-all term that most understood.

Remember all the news anchors, reporters and government folks that rushed to any available microphone and/or camera to de-bunk the President’s wiretapping claims? There were many…and they were loud and ugly. Remember these?

This from CNN about Trump’s Wiretapping claims:

On a sleepy Saturday morning back in March, Donald Trump dropped this bombshell on the political world: “Terrible! Just found out that Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory. Nothing found. This is McCarthyism!” Turns out, he was lying. That’s the conclusion the Justice Department reached Friday night in a court filing; “Both FBI and NSD (National Security Division) confirm that they have no records related to wiretaps as described by the March 4, 2017 tweets,” the filing read.

This affirms what former FBI Director James Comey told Congress about Trump’s allegations in the Spring and what former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper has repeatedly said as well. Comey said this before Congress: “With respect to the president’s tweets about alleged wiretapping directed at him by the prior administration, I have no information that supports those tweets, and we have looked carefully inside the FBI,” he told the panel.

Comey in March: No info supporting wiretapping tweets Trump, for his part, has offered zero evidence to back up his initial claim because, as we now know conclusively, there was no evidence. To sum it up: The current President of the United States flat-out lied about the then-sitting president issuing a wiretap of his campaign headquarters. 

The New York Times on the Wiretapping Claims:After Mr Trump’s tweets earlier this month, the New York Times quoted unnamed senior officials reporting that Mr Comey had said the claim was false and had asked the justice department to publicly reject it. Mr Clapper said the intelligence agencies he had supervised did not wiretap Mr Trump last year, and nor did the FBI obtain a court order to monitor Mr. Trump’s phones.As intelligence director, he told NBC, he would have known about a “court order on something like this.”

(This is a reference to the US Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which can grant wiretaps on the grounds of national security)

Then there Was Congress:Several senior Republicans have rejected the allegations after congressional committees looked into them. Senate Intelligence Committee chairman Richard Burr said on 16 March there were “no indications” that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the US government either before or after Election Day 2016. Earlier that day, House Speaker Paul Ryan also said “no such wiretap existed.” And the previous day, House of Representatives Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes said: “We don’t have any evidence.” “I don’t think there was an actual tap of Trump Tower,” he told a news conference. “Are you going to take the tweets literally?” asked Rep Nunes. “If so, clearly the president was wrong.”

The Former President’s People about the Wiretapping Claims:

Mr Obama’s team says Mr Trump’s tweets are “simply false.” A warrant, if it existed, would most likely have been ordered by the Department of Justice independently of the White House. Former press secretary Josh Earnest told ABC: “This may come as a surprise to the current occupant of the Oval Office, but the president of the United States does not have the authority to unilaterally order the wiretapping of an American citizen. If the FBI decided to use their wiretapping authority in the context of the counterintelligence or criminal investigation, it would require FBI investigators, officials at the Department of Justice going to a federal judge and making a case, and demonstrating probable cause to use that authority to conduct the investigation. That is a fact.”

The only way Mr Obama could have ordered surveillance without going through the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (Fisa court) is if there were no U.S. citizens involved. In this case, considering the target is allegedly Trump Tower – which definitely involves American citizens – this would have been hard to argue.

Fast Forward to Today

There you have it: Trump campaign operatives WERE surveilled. And because Paul Manafort at that time lived in an apartment inside Trump Tower, odds are that MANY Trump people were recorded speaking to Manafort — PROBABLY EVEN THE PRESIDENT! Remember, Manafort during part of this time was the Director of the Trump Campaign.

Blatant Ironies

The most glaring note here is that the Liberal Media went haywire reporting the initial Trump tweet. They laughed at him, called him a liar, accused him of creating through the lie of wiretapping a diversion to take the news away from his campaign’s Russia collusion during the election. That’s irony number one.

Irony number two is that members of Congress also weighed in — both Republicans and Democrats — stating factually and emphatically that there was no wiretapping/surveillance of Donald Trump by anyone in the previous Administration.

Irony number three is that members of the Obama Administration — including Obama’s White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest — derided President Trump for even thinking anyone in the Obama Administration could do something that evil if they wanted to.

Irony number four is that heads of the Big Four Intelligence agencies all agreed there was no evidence of any surveillance/wiretapping of anyone in the Trump Campaign, including the very public James Clapper and James Comey. If anyone had done anything so surreptitious as sneak a listen to the Trump folks, Clapper and Comey would have not only known about it, they would have been involved in it, or so they testified.

But the greatest irony of all is this: the U.S. Intelligence community has been exposed. Think about it: those agency heads are either complicit in the illegal surveillance of the President, or lying to Congress and the American people about it.  I don’t know which of those scares me the most. At best the U.S. Intelligence has been run by the worst kind of liars — the ones that do so in cahoots with others and did it all for political purposes in total disregard for U.S. security. At worst, Intelligence agencies are run by unqualified persons or are full of rogue agents who behind the scenes operate with separate agendas from the stated purposes of their agencies.


However much disdain I have for the Media, I understand their purposes for attacking President Trump. In doing so because they are out front with their “news” in print, television and radio, we know their bias. Regarding those in Congress coming out “factually” claiming Trump’s error in claiming the surveillance, they all have political purposes for everything they say and do. I’m certain their claims were based on at least one of those. But the Intelligence Community being full of people who would break the law and then lie about it again and again to Congress and to Americans with impunity — I cannot accept that.

CNN, Jim Comey, James Clapper, MSNBC, New York Times, Paul Ryan, Richard Burr, Devin Nunes: Americans are all waiting for you to get front and center and say (or print): “I WAS WRONG!”

We’re waiting…..

How Dumb Is Donald Trump?

Donald Trump is so dumb that:

  • He’s married to one of the most beautiful women in the World;
  • His beautiful wife (who speaks 5 languages) is hopelessly devoted to her husband with publicly conspicuous and genuine respect and trust;
  • He turned a $1 million seed from his father into a multi-billion dollar empire;
  • He owns his own $100 million jet;
  • Though he’s employed hundreds of thousands, no current or previous employees speak negatively of their “boss;”
  • His children unequivocally love and respect him;
  • His daughters-in-law and son-in-law and their children unequivocally love and respect him;
  • With no previous political experience he was elected President;
  • He “conned” 53 million Americans to vote for him;
  • He dares to call out members of the media when they do not tell Americans the truth;
  • He believes Americans deserve the truth from their political representatives;
  • He trusts that Americans are smart enough to know what’s right and wrong politically;
  • He is certain American citizens can comprehend political issues without a filter from the Media;
  • He intends to keep every promise he made to Americans during his campaign for President;
  • He thinks Americans should hold elected officials accountable for the jobs they do (or don’t do);
  • He believes in the rule of Law;
  • He believes and trusts in the Constitutional balance of power;
  • He believes in limited and smaller government;
  • He believes in government “of the People, by the People, and for the People;”
  • He believes Congress should legislate, not the President or the Courts;
  • He trusts that empowering others in Cabinet positions who have more knowledge than he will work in governing;
  • He really believes the U.S. is still the greatest country on Earth;
  • He believes protecting and caring for American citizens is government’s first job;
  • He believes in real borders;
  • He believes GOP Congressional leaders must negotiate with Dems to get bills passed;
  • He believes taxes are too high for everyone;
  • He trusts that Conservatives are not stupid just because they’re Conservatives;
  • He is confident Government wastes money and the private sector in most cases could do a better job;
  • He believes negotiating political deals should be done the same way as business deals;
  • Though Putin is evil the President respects his leadership success;
  • He believes that instead of secretly sending $150 Billion to Iran it should have been saved for Harvey and Irma relief;
  • He is the first President to ever retaliate for an enemy crossing a Presidential “red line.”

I could go on and on listing examples used by many trying to convince others that President Trump is an incompetent imbecile. Those who consistently make that claim illustrate their disdain that defies any logic. Reason dictates a recognition of both sides of an argument for the purpose of determining which side (if either) is actually correct. It is truly pathetic to watch and listen to those on the Left who continually (with no specific illustration to prove any incapacity of the President) spew the venom that has unified Democrats and other Liberals against this President. Reason and facts have no place in that conversation. It is fueled solely by emotional outbursts that seem to be never-ending.

Unfortunately for Americans — especially Conservatives — those arguments expected to come from only the Left are being echoed by some of the “Establishment” Republicans in Washington and elsewhere. They too have fallen prey to the escalating emotions of Never-Trump-ers that are steadily eating away at the tiny bit of the fabric of integrity remaining in D.C.  And there is very little fabric left. Those Republicans joining the mob of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party, Communists and Fascists have all swallowed the Kool Aid of anti-Conservatism that has as its bulls-eye Donald Trump. Whether or not anything he has said or done is good, honest, helpful, or positive for Americans is immaterial. It is truly a mob mentality — eerily similar to medieval Peasants fighting the Royals. The Peasants armed with only gossip and here-say storm the castle without having a real cause for doing so.

Certainly you sense the sarcasm in my list of examples of answers to “How Dumb is Donald Trump?” In Summary, let me throw a few more thoughts to ponder about this President’s competency:

  1. Dems have been taking victory laps all day after their huge “defeat” of Republicans in yesterday’s Oval Office get together. They intercepted the plans of Ryan and McConnell to get a debt ceiling that lasts 18 months, which would have put the next debt ceiling negotiations past the mid-term elections. Most Republicans see that compromise by President Trump as caving to Democrats — a compromise that put the GOP in a significant disadvantage in subsequent negotiations. But what if the President has an ulterior plan in doing so? Remember: he is a salesman, and he did write the book “The Art of the Deal.” What “deal” could he be working on with those results? Even though I can only speculate about such a “deal” at this point, most assuredly the President has one for which these actions were necessary. We will know soon, I am sure.
  2. The rancor from the Left is deafening regarding the President’s notification he will not renew DACA. Never mind that Obama (when he issued the-since-determined-to-be-unlawful Executive Order) stated numerous times he did not have authority to do so and that when issued it would be temporary. Do you think President Trump may have simply been dodging a bullet by deferring the ultimate responsibility for ANY immigration issues to Congress? Think about this: He’s not up for election in 2018. But ALL members of the House of Representatives are. He now no longer has the responsibility of dealing with Immigration matters that are a no-win issue whatever way they are resolved. Now it’s those House members that are on the hot seat to get something done legislatively, which is the exact way the Constitution dictates government structure.
  3. Why did President Trump bypass House Speaker Ryan and Senate Majority leader McConnell in that meeting with Pelosi and Schumer? Do you think he may have been sending a message to Congressional leaders — a message that says “You all may think you are smarter than me and that I’m dumb. During my campaign I promised voters that we’d get certain things done, you guys promised you’d get them done, and you’ve failed. If Congress does not fulfill those promises, Congress will deal with the fact that I’ll cut deals with the Democrats instead just to break the logjam in Congressional legislative action. Members of Congress and I made promises to Americans in the campaign. If you do not fulfill your promises I will NOT let Americans down as you have. I’ll get promises I made fulfilled.”

Final Thoughts

I doubt that Leftists will ever give Donald Trump the benefit of the doubt when it comes to his competency or his ability to be “presidential.” We’ve already seen that results are of little consequence in their hatred and disdain for him. Seldom mentioned is that those in the Democrat Party, its leaders, the Media, and other elitists despise everyday Americans. No one is talking about that. It goes unnoticed that for any justification for their Trump hatred, the 53 million+ Americans that elected Donald Trump must be dumb, too.  And the Left all think that half the country is too dumb to take issue with the false narrative of Trump’s incompetency perpetrated by the Left.

I know they are confident there will be a GOP blood-bath in the 2018 mid-terms. I’m pretty sure CNN is going to have a really tough time with election results NEXT November — probably as tough a time as they had election night LAST November. The difference is that a gaggle of Establishment Republicans might have as tough a time as CNN on election night 2018.

Oh, by the way: he’s FAR from Dumb!