How Bad is it at The FBI?

The failures of the FBI to find probable cause to consider Nikolas Cruz worthy of intense questioning after their receipt of an accurate tip of his desire for school shootings 5 months earlier is not the ONLY FBI investigation failures in the past. Sure the FBI is a monstrosity full of  35,000+ employees with a $1.7 Billion annual budget. But being big should not interpret into being incapable of managing its significant resources — especially not the World’s most sophisticated intelligence entity. But the FBI has a speckled past when it comes to botching investigations and overlooking some critical operational elements. Let’s take a look.

Another Florida disaster barely averted

Tragedy of Columbine proportions was narrowly avoided as Tampa police detained angsty 17-year-old Jared Michael Cano before he was able to set off a bomb on some of his classmates several years ago. There was a multitude of evidence against this kid’s mental stability long before his bust, including several catch-and-releases in which Jared was charged with fire-arm burglary, felony-level weapons offenses, grand larceny, and several misdemeanor drug crimes. In it’s infinite wisdom, the state of Florida decided to take little or no action and dismissed most of the cases, even as his Facebook page depicted him holding a machete and quoting the nihilistic movie Law Abiding Citizen, “Lessons not learned in blood are soon forgotten.” As Florida’s credo states, “Boys will be boys.”

The FBI gets some credit for stepping in and not allowing Cano to kill anyone. Following a confidential informant’s tip, the authorities searched Jared’s room and found a wealth of bomb making materials and a journal which included minute-by-minute plans of how he was going to out-casualty any other school massacre, as well as some evil — evil marijuana. Any credit the FBI earned is quickly face-palmed away, however, after reading Cano’s Facebook status update only a few days prior to the raid, “The weirdest thing happened today … when my homie was trying to connect to a wireless network the connections list came up and one of them was called: FBI_SURVEILLANCE_VAN… It was weird…” For a government agency that’s built its sterling reputation on being secretive, that’s pretty bad. The FBI did not think of hiding their wireless surveillance Wifi connection from their surveillance van in front of Cano’s house!

Don’t Forget the Important Stuff

In September 2010, the FBI did just that while ransacking the home of Mick Kelly and his partner, Linden Gawboy. The FBI made such a mess for Kelly, an outspoken political activist and member of the Committee to Stop FBI Repression, that it took almost seven months for the confidential government operations order to be discovered among the thousands of disarrayed pages of the couple’s personal effects. The operations order detailed the plan for the raid, photographs, and potential interview questions for Kelly and other activists deemed “dangerous” by the FBI, primarily due to suspected socialist ties. Speaking about the nature of the questions, Kelly said they conveyed a “disturbingly odd 1950s red scare tone.”

When asked how the FBI would be so incompetent as to leave critical internal documents behind while seizing half a household, and then not even realize what had happened until seven months later when the documents were posted online, FBI Special Agent Steve Warfield refused to comment.

FBI Diversity

The FBI is so committed to diversity in its workforce that even its employment web site has compiled a multitude of different ethnicities to prove how multicultural it is. Their “American Indian/Native Alaskan” initiative, however, hit a snag. A few years ago, that page featured a picture of former special agent Elizabeth Morris, who alleges that part of the reason she lost her job with the Bureau was filing a complaint of workplace prejudice. She claims she was relieved from her position after she brought to light some unethical practices made by another agent and against her supervisor, who made racially insensitive remarks. Oh the irony!

And it wasn’t like this just happened and they were a little slow on taking down the snapshot. No, her photo was featured in 2009, a full TWO YEARS after she was fired for allegedly being the victim of the very behavior the FBI hoped to disassociate themselves with.

Uh Oh…..

Gotta Pay the Price

The FBI had their phone service shut down during a national security investigation and missed countless other opportunities to collect key evidence because they failed to pay their phone bills in a timely manner. According to a report by the Justice Department, “We analyzed 990 telecommunication surveillance payments made by five field divisions, and found that over half of these payments were not made on time.” If, that is, they were paid at all. One primary carrier sent a list detailing $66k in unpaid bills resulting from surveillance activity.


It’s hard to say where the biggest aspect of fail lies in the case of Tennessee Circuit Judge John B. Hagler, who made a “fantasy tape” with recordings so sensational the FBI mistook it for a torture session and linked it to an unsolved murder case. The tape, however, spurned no charges against the Judge, and police admitted he is not a suspect in any investigation.

The tape, which was brought to authorities by a recently fired secretary over two years before it’s existence was made public, contained graphic erotic situations intertwined with legal dictation made by now former Judge Hagler. While this is intriguing, why did the FBI keep it private for over two years while Hagler heard family court cases if they believed him to be dangerous? If they believed him guilty of nothing more than an overactive imagination, why distribute the tape at all?

The tape was ultimately leaked by an unidentified source to the media which forced Hagler, married 65-year-old and three-times nominated president of the Tennessee Trial Judges Association, into early retirement, but the FBI saw it fit to show it to district attorneys in Hagler’s jurisdiction even after it was deemed inconsequential and harmless, unless the listener had a sensitive stomach.

The FBI Today

To the chagrin of many, the recent latest failure of the FBI that actually cost 17 Floridians their lives exposes just a bit of the certain ills of the bloated intelligence bureaucratic machine. This certainly illustrates that “big” does not always interpret as “good.”

With the recent FBI investigations of Hillary Clinton, Democrat National Committee IT issues, the apparent Clinton Foundation conflicts of interest, and the initiation of the Russian election tampering of the U.S. system, prove that FBI problems are significant to say the least, and probably monumental if all FBI failures were known. That fact is certainly scary and should make ALL Americans take pause. At this point, an intense overhaul of the FBI is clearly warranted, “IF” politics do not intervene with a cloud of mystery that might allow further and deeper FBI problems to remain hidden.

Clearly the FBI issues since the turn of the century have been more visible to the American public because of the 24/7 news cycle and internet communications. And clearly most of the current FBI issues were either initiated are perpetuated by many of the current leaders of the FBI. FBI lifers like Robert Mueller, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, and Chris Rey have been a part of that erosion of the FBI’s effectiveness for the last couple of decades.

How has it happened? I think the FBI is too politicized and too available for politicians, political parties, and even non-political “lifer” public servants to “use” for political agendas instead of to “serve” the American people. My hope is that surely the rank-and-file FBI employees and mid-level managers are not blinded by political pursuits and continue to fulfill their oaths of service to the nation and the American public. But with the almost weekly revelation of a new scandal at the FBI, my hopes may be false.

There needs to be a house cleaning at the FBI. Some will attack my suggestion as being too costly, would destroy already underway investigations, and would necessarily allow some lawbreakers to slip through the cracks of justice. But even with the light of truth shining on the FBI, these scandals continue to pop up. It’s almost like the bureaucrats there work with impunity — like they feel they can do anything and never get caught for doing something wrong. Maybe it is just that they know if caught, they will be able to escape any consequences for their actions because they “have” something on those above them.


I suggest that the top two layers of appointed individuals at the FBI be given walking papers in the 4th quarter of this year. Until then I suggest that the Inspector General be given full authority to investigate, audit, and analyze the offices of each of those to-be-canned individuals to determine any wrongdoing if any.

It is obvious that the likes of Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Rey and others have escaped scrutiny for far too long. Personal agendas are obviously at work here. Those agendas MUST be intercepted and. terminated.

For God’s sake: is there not enough evidence to criminally prosecute James Comey RIGHT NOW? There certainly is. But bureaucrats keep that from happening.

How far up the ladder do you think FBI fault lies?



“In the Beginning….”

Those words actually begin Genesis Chapter 1. The Bible plainly states that God was in the beginning. With God came substance. What substance was there then is missing in the United States today — especially in Washington D.C.

Today I shook my head in sadness as I watched two political events play out on a national stage: the first was a Senate hearing where the heads of each U.S. Intelligence agency made their annual appearance before that committee. The second was today’s chapter of the White House Press Briefing. I must say there was very little substance in either. Here’s the rub for me:

  • Our founding fathers wasted little if any time on politics. They were more interested in survival, concentrating on things like food, housing, protection from wild animals, foreign enemies, Indians, and disease. Through the centuries since, Americans have created and learned to maintain a political environment that was proven today to contain little if any substance. Today proved the Beltway is full of nothing but symbolism. Substance vacated the Potomac a long time ago.
  • Government elected positions were not established to be full-time and permanent vocations. They were to be positions of serving the people, spending short periods of time crafting laws to help Americans, and nothing more. Senators were appointed by state Governors to represent states in Congress. Representatives were to be elected members of each community who would leave their jobs and families for a brief period — two years — to represent the people in those communities in D.C. lawmaking. But greed for money and power took over. Soon members of Congress morphed those innocent, grand intentions of our forefathers into gluttony for power and authority for themselves. They learned to control not only law-making, but to control every part of American life for ALL Americans. Soon lost was the “representation of the People” members of Congress were to do.
  • Every process in D.C. today has one common thread and one only: to perpetuate that atmosphere of control and power. Me-ism has taken over. Men and women who live in each part of the political process seem to be caught up in that need to show everyone around them their own importance and the necessity for them to excel. Sadly, the excellence they reach for and that drives their every waking moment is NOT to excel to achieve voters’ desired purposes or goals, but to excel at their own self actualization. And that always seems to come at the cost paid by voters — the Americans who write the checks to pay for all of the above.
  • Who decided we need political parties? There is nothing in the Constitution authorizing their establishment. In fact, George Washington lamented that political party wrangling “agitates the community with ill-founded jealousies and false alarms, kindles the animosity of one part against another.” And Thomas Jefferson, always good for a pithy line, swore “if I could not go to heaven but with a party, I would not go there at all.” Obviously our forefathers’ warning about political parties fell on deaf ears. And sadly we watch as their prophesies about the ills of political parties play out.
  • It’s not just parties; it’s the political supporting caste of players, too. Congressional members have multi-million dollar office and staff budgets and hire dozens of support staffers. Lobbyists from dozens of K Street law-firms spend hundreds of millions of dollars buying with influence of their clients’ money votes regarding every piece of legislation ever considered by Congress.
  • And then there’s the Media. I will not go on about the Media.


Today in D.C. should have been a celebratory day — but it wasn’t. There were some really good things that happened recently that needed to be celebrated. Since you did NOT hear about any of them in today’s news, let’s share them:

  1. The U.S. government had a monthly budget surplus of $49 billion in January, down slightly from the same month last year. Receipts were up 5% more in January than last year. That 5% increase interprets into hundreds of millions of dollars of additional tax revenue. That should have dominated the news today. No mention.
  2. The White House introduced a massive infrastructure plan that will invest $1.5 Trillion in rebuilding the dilapidated American infrastructure. Roads, highways, railways, and bridges are in terrible condition. Infrastructure should never be a Democrat or Republican matter. But watch as this plays out: it WILL be a political party issue. Was the press hot on the infrastructure plan and its expected breathtaking improvements for states and the nation? No mention.
  3. More than $5 Trillion in additional value has been created over the last year in the historical climb in the stock market. All of that added value goes to stockholders. Never in U.S. history has America seen such growth. If this happened during the previous administration, politicians and members of the media would be swooning over the mastermind who made it all happen — the President. But this president is Donald Trump. So….No mention.
  4. President Trump presented a 4 pillar plan to fix the DACA dilemma created years ago that has never been fixed by any Congress. 800,000+ “Dreamers” live in limbo in the U.S. — not citizens but here innocently because their illegal parents brought them to the U.S. as youngsters. President Trump’s DACA plan actually almost triples the number of illegals allowed legal status with a path to citizenship. Democrats have failed every time they have tried such legislation — even under Obama when the House, Senate, AND White House were controlled by Dems. Trump has put it on the table. Any excitement about it? Crickets. No mention today.

So what did the network news people, the newspaper writers, the radio commentators, and the bloggers talk about today? Remember: we live in the Age of Me-ism. Everything they talk about MUST further their selfish agendas. The media today were all in “attack mode.” And attack they did.

Do you know the name Rob Porter? If you do not, you certainly live in a cave. This is the guy who worked (until early this week) in the Trump White House. It was revealed several days ago that his two ex-wives had been abused while married to Mr. Porter. Apparently the allegations are true. The media has had a field day.

No, they did not go nuts seeking out the wives for on-air interviews. The fact that this happened to a member of the Trump White House team is all it took to light the fuse of Me-ism among D.C. politicians and media elites. Their fuses are burning bright today.

White House Press Briefing

Sarah Sanders — White House Press Secretary — deserves a Purple Heart after White House daily press briefings the last 3 days. With numbers 1-4 of the “good” things above happening in America, one would assume the press would be asking for details about each, wanting interviews with lawmakers and even the President to discuss, and reporters would craft stories about the impact all these things have made and will make for Americans. Nope. All they will talk about is Rob Porter and the details surrounding his departure from the White House.

“The” important items of the “Porter Scandal” are this:

  • How could the White House hire such a person? The FBI completes an exhaustive background investigation of everyone appointed to serve or simply hired to serve the President.
  • Members of the Press questioned White House spokespersons last week about Porter when the story surfaced and REALLY began to dig into the facts of the matter. Those facts had nothing to do with the wives but only with the fact that the White House hired a wife beater. And, worse: President Trump when he spoke publicly about Porter and his departure, the President did not paint Porter as a sexist, misogynist wife beater, but only wished Mr. Porter well. And the President did NOT speak directly to or about the poor ex-wives. And the press went nuts. (By the way: Porter disputes the allegations. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Should the President have copied what all the Me-Ists in D.C. have done and not stopped at firing Porter, but damned him to Hell?)

Senate Intelligence Hearing

Segue to the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing with the Intelligence Department heads. Questions oddly enough centered on when the FBI informed the White House about Porter’s sordid history, and how the White House could reconcile his hiring and then keeping him several days “too long” — at least in the minds of the Democrats and the media. Members of that committee — primarily Democrats — took every at bat to question those agency heads to instead rail against the President, other members of Congress, and to pontificate about their own personal ideas, thoughts, ambitions, and to make clear how unfit to be President Donald Trump is.

Remember this: these Democrat Party members and members of the media threw those big rocks at the President because he was so insensitive to the former wives of Rob Porter, and that he did not condemn the former employee to eternal flames. These were the same ones that never once said a word about the poor victims of the sexual harassment of Bill Clinton. They gave Hollywood’s Harvey Weinstein a pass for more than a decade! And the same holds true for their silence instead of outing the sexual improprieties of Senator Al Franken. “Symbolism over Substance.”


I’m disgusted. Here’s the sad reality today: many millennials do not take time to read the news. They have been entrenched to live on the “executive summary” plan — to scan the headlines, read or listen to social media, and to rely on water cooler conversations for life’s facts of the day. On the most part they do not understand (or simply do not care) about the necessity and extreme difficulty at ferreting out the truth. They believe what they hear. Want a couple of examples of this:

Is Trump in Trouble with Female Voters?” (CNN breaking Rob Porter story)

“White House aid Rob Porter resigns after allegations from ex-wives.” (FOX News breaking Rob Porter story)

One cannot say either headline or story is untrue. But here is our problem today: Millenials (and many others) live in sound bytes. They mostly ignore details. So they get their news from whoever delivers the loudest, most impactful story headline. They seldom read the full story. That is what grabs their attention — FIRST — and is the one that will last.
The meanest, ugliest, nastiest, and loudest story about every issue in America is what receives their attention. Therefore, that is the story that people remember — not its truthfulness.
All these politicians and media members live in a world where every glass is half-empty. And that mentality is poisoning this generation, and will in turn poison the next generation. That is why it is critical that this generation of Conservative Americans must hold steady and refuse to shrink back from the meanness, ugliness, nastiness, and misrepresentations that this generation of “Me-ists” rely on to increase their importance and standing among their peers.
There was plenty of Substance when God created this place. But Earth’s “plug” has cracked and that Substance has just about seeped through that crack where the plug was.
It’s pretty ugly to watch, too.


“Paging Jeff Sessions….Attorney General Jeff Sessions…..Are You There?”

Do we have a U.S. Attorney General, or are we waiting for the Senate to confirm Trump’s A.G. nominee?

Answer: I am pretty sure Jeff Sessions was confirmed by the Senate to be Attorney General, but the lack of definitive actions by the Justice Department since his confirmation actually questions if there even IS an A.G. Very little has been initiated by Justice even though there are numerous happenings at the federal level that cry for criminal investigation.

  • Former FBI Director James Comey lied on numerous occasions in sworn testimony before Congress and in public interviews. I know: lying to Congress (even under oath) is not a criminal action. But the lies told by Comey reveal very obvious criminal violations that seem to Americans to be overlooked by the Justice Department. If average Americans committed those acts, their lives would already be in uproar because of criminal investigation for those.
  • Hillary Clinton There are those that will throw rocks at me for even bringing it up. Just for a moment forget about any possible political partisanship in this case. (And, yes, there IS a case there) The Justice Department MUST re-open the case against Hillary Clinton, her staff members, AND her campaign for the mishandling of classified information through her use of that unsecured server, AND subsequent hacking success of foreign entities who have gained access to that information. Walking away short of obtaining factual information exonerating those involved in that would be a tremendous disservice to the American people. I am NOT speaking of any Russian collusion here — this is just about the email controversy regarding mis-handling of classified information.
  • Debbie Wasserman Shultz. Has everyone forgotten about her? Reminder: on her watch, a group of foreign IT specialists managed the IT systems for Congressional Dems and their offices, the offices of the DNC, and Wasserman Shultz’s computers as a member of Congress and head of the DNC. Members of that group were arrested for suspicion of mishandling data from those systems and making that information available to foreign entities. All of this happened not only on Wasserman Shultz’s watch, but with her endorsement, AND with the payment to those people of millions of dollars. Is there a DOJ investigation underway?
  • Susan Rice. Former White House NSA Adviser Rice has been accused of the unmasking of American citizens under the guise of intelligence gathering, but for political purposes. She has categorically denied doing so — even though she unmasked numerous individuals using “foreign intelligence” as the excuse. Her doing so (if truthful) is a federal felony.
  • Samantha Power. Why any United Nations ambassador would need the identities of American citizens unmasked is unfathomable. Yet Obama’s UN Secretary Samantha Power reportedly had several hundred such names disclosed. She too needs to be investigated for potential felonious actions.
  • DOJ Deputy Director Rod Rosenstein. I know it is a bit sensitive to consider investigating a current leader in the Justice Department, but Rosenstein is deeply involved in every part of the Russia investigation, the Clinton email investigation, and others mentioned above. His close ties to those being investigated certainly reeks of conflict of interest if not Obstruction of Justice. He should recuse himself and take a leave of absence while an FBI investigation into his potential illegalities is underway. There is NO plausible explanation for his being in the position in which he is now, managing these ongoing matters and potential criminal investigations. His longtime relationship with Robert Mueller brings into question even his appointment of Mueller as Special Investigator on the Russia-Trump Campaign investigation.
  • Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Who can forget the secret meeting of Lynch and Bill Clinton on the Sky Harbor Airport tarmac in Phoenix? A meeting between the two would be a nothing burger IF Hillary was not already under investigation by the FBI, and an FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation was not under consideration. Lynch said they discussed golf and grandchildren — for 30+ minutes! No matter if their discussion was about just those two things, their having that meeting was highly improper and it by itself could be considered Obstruction of Justice. It certainly warrants an investigation.
  • Former President Bill Clinton. There is no doubt that Bill leveraged Hillary’s position as Secretary of State under Barack Obama for dollars. His speaking fees doubled and even tripled with Hillary in office. Both Clintons emphatically deny using her political position and access to the State Department as a lure for bigger and more profitable speeches by Bill. Yes, much of those fees were paid to the Clinton Foundation. But most people feel that entire process was a “pay for play” action in which countries, foreign corporations and individuals were used as a scheme for access to Hillary: pay Bill to give a speech, (and pay really BIG) and you’ll get a meeting with Hillary. This scheme is now more obvious than ever as we have watched contributions to the Clinton Foundation virtually dry up in the last year. Why? Hillary did not get elected and therefore countries, companies, and individuals no longer need access to Hillary. I am certain there is a “there” there. The DOJ should be already deep into that investigation.
  • Peter Strozk and Lisa Page. Come on: is there any question that the actions of these FBI officials should initiate an immediate Department of Justice investigation? These two documented through their thousands of text messages an apparent underground process apparently created to informally impact the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton. Who knows exactly what illegal actions were taking place on their watch? NOBODY AT DOJ APPARENTLY DOES RIGHT NOW! Their discussions demand immediate answers to questions that pop up about what was actually going on at the FBI, what was legal and what was not. Investigating this is definitely necessary.
  • Uranium One. The American public has heard this pay-for-play story for months now. And the American public has received no answers. There is much finger pointing about the sale of these U.S. uranium assets that ended up in ownership by a Russian company controlled by Russian President Vladimir Putin. All we hear from the Left is that Hillary Clinton — though on the committee that must approve the sale of U.S. assets to foreign entities — did NOT cast a vote in favor of approval of this sale. Maybe so. But in short order, millions of dollars of contributions to the Clinton Foundation were made by owners and management members of Uranium One — a little too significant to summarily dismiss. Remember this: Hillary signed an agreement with Obama stating that the Clinton Foundation would NOT accept donations from foreign entities of any kind while she was Secretary of State, specifically to prevent any possible conflicts of interest. Not only did they gladly accept these contributions, the Clinton Foundation received millions from other foreign individuals and companies during her State Department stint. We need to get facts.
  • The Steele Dossier. I will complete my considerable list for A.G. Sessions with this one. It has now been proven that the DNC along with the Clinton Campaign paid for the production of the Steele Dossier that was at least partial evidence presented to the FISA court to justify the issuance of the FISA warrant to surveil members of the Trump organization. According to details released so far, this information was withheld from the application for the FISA warrant and subsequent renewals of that warrant.


Jeff Sessions regrettably recused himself from any investigation regarding the 2016 Presidential election and campaigns leading up to November 2016. But he did NOT recuse himself from initiating and even leading DOJ investigations as detailed above. Wow — there’s plenty of fertile investigation ground out there!

Certainly some of these investigations are probably underway already on his watch. Remember: the DOJ and FBI do not announce to the public when they embark on or even details of ongoing investigations. That being said, in the “leak” environment that permeates the Federal Government, it is uncanny that IF some of these investigations are underway we know nothing of them. I hope that is not the case — that A.G. Sessions is deep into fulfilling his role as chief legal authority of the Nation. Unfortunately it appears to me that Jeff Sessions, while being a really nice guy, is one who is not aggressive in investigatory or prosecutorial actions. I hope I am wrong.

“If” I am correct and there is any way for the White House to verify Attorney General Sessions is not pursuing most of (or some of) these investigations, he should resign his office immediately. This Administration must have the head of its Justice Department representing the American people, aggressively attacking those who have taken advantage of the United States and its citizens in jeopardizing the actual “rule of law” by which American Justice has been operated for more than two centuries.

Yes, “Innocent until proven Guilty” is the Constitutional guideline to protect the innocent in the U.S. But without swift, intense, and accurate investigations of the facts of every potential criminal matter, justice cannot be served. Attorney General Sessions MUST step up and fill that role, OR someone else must.


Mirror Bubbles

Jennifer Garner in the movie Draft Day in which she played the role of player salary cap lawyer for the Cleveland Browns said this when the Browns head coach showed her his SuperBowl ring: “I am shocked that in the most macho sport in World history the greatest achievement is a piece of jewelry.” There is just something about shiny, glittery things that pretty much all humans are attracted to — like mirrors.

I am consistently astonished when I see or hear Hollywood elitists or politicians publicly denigrate the President, Republicans in Congress, and all those who voted for Donald Trump in 2016. The lies and misrepresentations are not only lies, most are inconceivable. I am miffed that anyone would believe what they state because in almost every case ANYONE can do a quick search to verify validity of their allegations. Sadly, they simply do not do that. Why do you think that is?

In my finite mind I have finally discovered the answer — I think. Not only do they each live in a bubble, they apparently share bubbles with other elitists. Further, the bubbles are made of mirrors! That explains how they are capable of only talking about what they see for themselves while maintaining any other view — other than that from their bubble — is a wrong, incorrect or absurd view.

What does one who lives in a mirror bubble see? They only see themselves. Humans all draw conclusions almost exclusively from what things are seen and heard. When one looks into a mirror all that is seen is who is looking in the mirror. My “theory” explains how these could happen:

Jimmy Kimmel

“I want to speak to those of you who voted for Donald Trump. And first of all, I want to say I get it. I actually do. You’re unhappy with the way things were going. You wanted someone to come in and shake things up. You didn’t want business as usual. Nothing ever seems to get done. It’s always the same. These candidates make a lot of promises that go nowhere. It happens over and over again. And you’re sick of it. Everyone said he wouldn’t (win). But he did. And it’s exciting because this is your guy. You picked a horse like 35-1 and somehow it paid off. He calls the Prime Minister of Australia and hangs up on him. He won’t shake Angela Merkel’s hand. He doesn’t know Frederick Douglass isn’t alive. He claims he can’t release his tax returns because they’re under audit, then says he’s not going to release them at all. He screws up royally every day. Sometimes two or three times a day. We can’t keep up with it. Things come out of nowhere. Every day there’s something nuts. But you’ve been trying to ignore it because you don’t want to admit to these smug, annoying liberals that they were right. That’s the last thing you want to do. It’s time, for especially you who voted for him, to tell him to go. Please. Think about it. He doesn’t even want to be president. He’s miserable. But he won’t resign because his ego is too big. He can’t do it.”

Shepard Smith (Fox News)

Even Fox News anchor Shepard Smith is criticizing President’s Trump’s treatment of CNN reporter Jim Acosta during a freewheeling news conference and for Trump’s refusal to answer questions about his campaign’s ties to Russia. “It’s crazy what we’re watching every day,” Smith said after Trump’s news conference. “It’s absolutely crazy. He keeps repeating ridiculous, throwaway lines that are not true at all and sort of avoiding this issue of Russia as if we’re some kind of fools for asking the question. Really? Your opposition was hacked and the Russians were responsible for it and your people were on the phone with Russia on the same day it was happening and we’re fools for asking the questions? No sir.”

“We have a right to know,” Smith added. “You call us fake news and put us down like children for asking questions on behalf of the American people.”

Actor Mark Ruffalo

“We’re going to set our sights to continue that work in the next year, and strengthen our bonds and commitments to each other, for long after the Trump era comes to its rightful end,” said Ruffalo. “We ain’t stopping with Trump, OK?”

Filmmaker Michael Moore

Liberal filmmaker Michael Moore said his 2018 to-do list includes the “widespread massive removal of Republicans from the House and Senate the likes of which this country has never seen.” Moore said removing Trump, Pence and “the whole disgusting lot of them” isn’t enough. “We must remove and replace the system and the culture that gave us Trump in the first place,” he said adding “We must also cleanse our American soul of our white male privilege.”

Actress Cynthia Nixon

“Sex and the City” star Cynthia Nixon called 2017 a “dark year for America” and said Russian interference was to blame for “shifting the election” to Trump. “First and foremost, we need to make sure that Robert Mueller is able to conduct a thorough and unimpeded investigation,” Nixon said.

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ)

“Trump’s attacks on journalists and those who would hold him accountable are eroding trust in our vital institutions and conditioning the public to no longer trust them,” Flake said. “The destructive effect of this kind of behavior on our democracy cannot be overstated.”

Former ESPN Host Jemelle Hill

In an interview with former NFL running back Arian Foster on Wednesday, the ESPN personality said her tweet stating the president is “a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists” was already widely known. Hill doubled down on her claims that Trump is a white supremacist and has since been terminated by ESPN.


Here are mine:

  1. “Just because a person believes something is true doe not make it true;”
  2. “Just because a person believes something is false does not make it false;”
  3. The perpetuated narrative of Trump racism is totally false. There is NO evidence in the life of the President (that has been lived out in the public like few others’ lives have been) in his personal OR business dealings with millions of people of ANY incident of racism. In fact, the exact opposite is true. MANY current and former employees, friends, relatives, and associates have stepped forward with a myriad of examples of the exact opposite actions of the President, yet Trump’s NON-racist treatment of others through decades is NOT an easy story to sell to the rabid anti-Trumpsters, so the Leftists ignore the truth and go back to their bubbles. (read numbers 1 and 2 again)
  4. There IS massive proof of an ongoing pursuit of a unified narrative by the Left — Mainstream Media, Democrats, and Establishment Republicans — to hatch and promote as part of the anti-Trump movement the “Russia, Russia, Russia” collusion conspiracy. But even after more than a year in the middle of this, the most sophisticated intelligence community in World history under the minute inspections of mostly Trump haters, not a single shred of evidence of Trump/Russian collusion has been unearthed. (And collusion — even if it even existed — is not illegal)

So what can average Americans do to get the truth, apply to our lives with simple logic, and make informed decisions about the major issues in our lives?

Wow, that’s a BIG one!

First, we need to force EVERYBODY on the Left and on the Right to give us the truth — non-filtered, raw and unedited intelligence — and let us without THEIR spin identify the real truth.

If the majority of Americans will sign-on for this, they will all get the message. The truth is an absolute! I am very confident that the majority of Americans when presented with unfiltered facts can make the right decisions for their lives.

An Illustration of “Real” Russian Collusion: and It Is NOT Trump Collusion

Both of the following stories below broke yesterday (February 8, 2018)

An FBI informant involved in the controversial Uranium One deal has told congressional committees that Moscow paid millions to a U.S. lobbying firm in a bid to influence then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by helping former President Bill Clinton’s charities during the Obama administration. The Hill first reported late Wednesday that informant Douglas Campbell gave a 10-page statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee, House Intelligence Committee and House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, and was interviewed for several hours behind closed doors by committee staff. In the statement Campbell said Russian executives told him that Moscow was hiring APCO Worldwide in an effort to influence the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.

Campbell said Russian nuclear officials “told me at various times that they expected APCO to apply a portion of the $3 million annual lobbying fee it was receiving from the Russians to provide in-kind support for the Clinton’s Global Initiative.” “The contract called for four payments of $750,000 over twelve months,” Campbell said in the statement. “APCO was expected to give assistance free of charge to the Clinton Global Initiative as part of their effort to create a favorable environment to ensure the Obama administration made affirmative decisions on everything from Uranium One to the US-Russia Civilian Nuclear Cooperation agreement.”

Wait: that’s not all — there’s MORE!

Senator Mark Warner (D-VA) the ranking member of the Senate Intelligence Committee has publicly committed the Russian investigation of collusion would be “fair, impartial, bi-partisan and fair.” February 8 confidential texts were uncovered between Senator Warner and a lobbyist who represents a Russian Oligarch who has been black-balled by the State Department because of his ties to Russian terrorists. In those texts, Senator Warner was striving to obtain direct and secret access to the former British and author of the Steele Dossier. In Warner’s texts he suggested the lobbyist and Warner speak confidentially without leaving a paper trail documenting their contact.


“People who live in glass houses (mirrors) should not throw rocks.” These Leftists quoted above, the Clintons, the Obamas, Democratic leaders and members of the Mainstream Media ALL seem to live in mirror bubbles. All they see is themselves every way they look. They have invited select individuals to join them in their bubbles so they can share the same view. That view has little to do with anyone or any issue that exists outside of that bubble.

That’s why there is SO much hypocrisy on the Left! They actually believe what they say regardless of any truths beyond their visible “realities.”

It is really refreshing to watch as more Americans awaken every day to the realities of being fooled for so long. Americans are awakening to the realities that this sometimes abrasive, loud, boisterous President who blasts the Twitter world all day every day is right more than he is wrong. (He is eerily accurate in his predictions so far in this presidency, too)

I suggest Americans step back from the wave of emotion that the Left has been using to capture and confuse. Americans are pretty sharp and certainly have the ability to grasp truths, even in all the “mirror bubble” rhetoric.

Certainly the news — the REAL news — is not all out yet. Tomorrow is a new day. There certainly will be new news of both kinds: that from REAL news sources and that from the Mirror Bubbles.

You know the difference.


It’s Time….

I’ve had enough: it is time to stop all the political posturing, name calling, the “he said, she said,” the blame game, and get down to business.

One memo has been released, a heavily redacted criminal referral has been released, and another memo is about to be released. All of this leaking and blaming has gone far enough. Let’s just step into the ring and let the parties involved in this be forced to duke it out. How?

James Comey

How can one man dodge so many “justice bullets?” James Comey has lied out the wazoo — and so far is unscathed. In his lies he is guilty of obstruction of justice in multiple incidents and is spitting almost daily in the faces of the American people with his smug tweets. The most obvious of his acts of obstruction is his approval and filing of the initial FISA warrant application using the Steele Dossier as partial basis for the application. Then he presented the dossier to Donald Trump saying that he could put no stock in the dossier’s viability or accuracy. That is simply Obstruction of Justice.

Rod Rosenstein

The Deputy Attorney General has his fingerprints all over the corruption that is being steadily exposed in all this. He was at the Justice Department under Loretta Lynch. He was in the middle of the Russian investigation long before Mueller entered the fray. When he appointed Mueller as Special Counsel the day after Mueller interviewed with President Trump for the FBI Director job, Rosenstein knew that Mueller had multiple conflicts of interest and by any definition of “conflict” was NOT eligible to serve in such a sensitive and highly visible position.

Regarding recent happenings, Rosenstein is quoted as threatening Congressmen Devin Nunes and Trey Gowdy for their diligent and fervent calls for transparency and demands for details of the FISA warrants’ to be released to the public. Think about that: the Deputy AG threatened Congressional members for pushing for transparency of government agencies regarding the targeting of private American citizens in fake foreign agent investigations — which is illegal!

Loretta Lynch

My mentioning the former Attorney General in this conversation may surprise you, but she is in this up to her neck. It would be foolish to believe the AG did NOT know everything going on in this investigation as it played out in 2016-17. Remember her famous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton at Sky Harbor airport in Phoenix? That meeting was Obstruction of Justice. Why? Clinton as the principal of the Clinton Foundation was under investigation at the time of the meeting. Also, his wife was under FBI investigation at the time.

Further, her obstruction went further in her instructions to FBI Director Comey to call the FBI Hillary investigation a “matter” rather than what it was: an investigation. That’s obstruction, too.

Hillary Clinton

Do I need to detail? I think not. Her fingerprints are on EVERY part of this investigation. It goes far beyond “Email Gate.” She paid through her campaign and the DNC for the Steele Dossier — opposition research of the Trump Campaign — and then began to cry for investigation of the Trump Campaign for Russian collusion! There indeed WAS collusion with the Russians during the 2016 election cycle — not by Trump or his campaign, but by the Clinton Campaign!

Barack Obama

Do not be so naive as to believe that all of this investigation process into the Trump Campaign that was handled by his FBI and his Department of Justice without the President hearing about every detail and knowing what was happening as it happened. Think about this: this investigation involved direct dealings by members of the Intelligence Community with members of the Russian government. Details were certain to be discussed as they developed by National Security Advisor Susan Rice along with Michael Flynn, Comey, the CIA and NSA heads in National Security meetings with the President. He may not have directed specifics in that investigation, but he certainly knew what was happening and when it happened.


So what should happen now? Simple: IMMEDIATELY impanel a federal grand jury with a federal prosecutor. That prosecutor needs to be Michael Horowitz who is currently Inspector General of the Justice Department. He is close to wrapping up his massive investigation of the Justice Department. Even with 500 employees on his watch in this current investigation, we have seen or heard NO details at all leaked of his investigation. He has a history of sticking to the law, staying out of political influence or obligations to either side, and is a bulldog after the truth. As the federal prosecutor in this matter, he should be given free rein to take any and every action necessary to investigate all of the individuals mentioned above, given complete subpoena power and whatever budget is necessary to have a thorough and immediate investigation to get facts and get them immediately.

To be quite honest, there is NO fear in the hearts of any of these folks — YET. They probably have been operating in a perfect vacuum in which they have no accountability and have every opportunity to run free in all their wrongdoing. It is time to pay the Piper.

It is time to stop the memos, stop the wild assumptions by the Media, and get to the truth.

We are at a scary place in American history. The way this whole thing has played out looks eerily just like what happens in banana republics. The United States certainly is NOT a banana republic. But it is beginning to look like one.

“The” Memo Part II: Let’s Answer Questions

Yesterday I asked you to contemplate 10 questions that seemed obvious to me with the release of the Nunes Memo. Today we are going to give you OUR answers to those questions. So you will not have to go back and forth, we’ll first put each question from yesterday followed by our answers in red:

“Old” Questions (yes, we’ll have some new ones)

  1. We were told the release of the Memo would endanger national security. Exactly what damage has been done by its release? Multiple Intelligence officials and members of Congressional committees have been asked that question since the release of the memo. Each has verified emphatically that the release of the Nunes memo in NO way jeopardized national security or any member of the intelligence community — other than possibly opening a criminal case against them for their possible illegal involvement in the highly illegal activities.
  2. (Assuming the answer would be “no danger to national security occurred) Why then did Democrat minority head of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff warn Americans that the release when he knew there was no danger? That is now easily answered with a very obvious answer: Adam Schiff (D-Ca) is apparently one of many in Congress and the Media who had to be complicit in the attempted coverup of all the corruption apparently part of the FISA process. Tomorrow’s story here details the specifics of those very things. You’ll want to make sure and tune in.
  3. Why did the FBI implore the White House to redact the names of all the FBI contributors to the investigation from the memo? FBI officials knew that there was embarrassing information included in the memo and therefore wanted to try somehow to maintain a level of integrity for all those who participated in the FISA coverup. Therefore they implored Congress and the President to keep those names confidential.
  4. Did the FBI in providing the “proof” necessary to convince a FISC judge a FISA warrant was justified lie to the judge providing false “proof” as evidence to justify such a warrant? I am convinced that now since the first layer of the corruption onion has been peeled away and is showing illegal activity was probably going on in the FISA warrant application process, the FISA judge or judges who issued the first FISA warrant and the subsequent renewals will at least take actions to force those members of the FBI and DOJ who represented the evidence presented to those judges that resulted in the warrants to stand accountable for those actions. What that means remains to be determined, but could easily be Obstruction of Justice IF those Intelligence officials purposely and intentionally misled those judges. Obviously hiding that the Steele dossier had anything to do with the “evidence” uncovered and that the dossier was funded by the DNC and Clinton Campaign could also feed into that possible Obstruction of Justice outcome.
  5. How did James Comey, (then FBI Director) later Rod Rosenstein, (Deputy Attorney General) and FBI Director Christopher Ray convince the FISA judge that Carter Page was spying for the Russian government? Doing so is required for a FISA warrant to be issued, and in this case issued and renewed 3 times. Plain and simple: they lied to the Court! For certain James Comey did. He submitted the FISA application for the initial warrant, and he did that days BEFORE he told the President in his office in the presence of multiple intelligence department heads the dossier was riddled with unreliable and unverified information. He represented in that FISA application the dossier at least part of the basis for the FISA warrant. He did NOT tell the Judge that the dossier was funded by the DNC and Clinton campaigns. 
  6. Why did James Comey at the White House before the Inauguration tell President Trump the details of the Steele dossier and that it was full of wild conjecture and had no truth when days before he had used that dossier to convince the FISA judge to issue the warrant for the investigation? We cannot give you a “for certain” answer to that question. But playing into the probable reasoning for Comey doing so is his very obvious attempts (along with all those other FBI and DOJ culprits) to destroy the Trump presidency and his agenda. His telling the FISA Court one thing and the President something else doesn’t bode well for Comey in subsequent weeks and months.
  7. Why did two FBI officials who went to the Capitol to read the memo last Sunday state on the record there were no errors in the details contained in the memo only for the FBI to publicly release the next day a statement claiming the memo was full of incorrect information and releasing it was a danger to national security? This puzzles us. We can only give at this time a logical reason for the flip-flop. Probably what happened is that after reading the memo, the two together felt it would be better to just tell the truth: based on their understanding of the law, the FISA process, and the process of all that happened in this investigation, there was nothing inaccurate or damaging to national security and simply told the truth. It makes sense to believe that when telling their supervisors their thoughts they were pressed hard to fall in line with the “company story line” and support the FBI’s cries to NOT release the memo.
  8. Why mysteriously has the Leftist Media parroted for weeks exactly what Democrat Adam Schiff and every other Congressional Dem claimed as reasons to not release the memo? Schiff’s strangle-hold on the narrative about the memo as it was reported by members of the Leftist media illustrates who the real players are in this corruption. Make sure you read tomorrow for in-depth information about this.
  9. Why has President Trump been so surprisingly quiet immediately before and after the memo’s release, not attacking those involved in the FBI, DOJ, or even the media about the apparent hatchet job perpetrated through this investigation? Maybe someone changed the President’s twitter password! Seriously, he has acted very judiciously (and presidential) through the process of getting this memo into the hands of the American people. He left it to professionals in Congress and the DOJ and his Cabinet that he trusts to do the heavy lifting and working with Nunes. Frankly his silence through this has been a pleasant surprise. But we all know he actually has an incredibly active twitter finger. He will not sit on his hands very long on this!
  10. Will the court and the judge or judges who issued the initial FISA warrant that was renewed several times take any actions against those in the DOJ and FBI who provided the evidence that was fabricated to justify the warrants? I’m certain they will. But what I am pretty certain those judges will do is sit tight until the pending Inspector General report of the FBI and DOJ is released in the next month. This IG investigation has been exhaustive and elaborate and will contain massive data, documents, and facts that certainly will shed light on deeper darker issues discovered than thouse in the Nunes memo. Expect a lot more detail in that report which the FISC courts will certainly use to hold those accountable who apparently misled the judges in the process of procuring FISA surveillance authority.


No doubt there will be more and more questions that are produced from new information that seeps into the public sector over the next few days and weeks. Nunes has actually stated this memo is the first of several that are being finalized now and will be made public in the upcoming days. In my opinion there is no possibility of there not being criminal prosecution of those involved in this corruption once investigations are complete. And I don’t think the list of “dirty players” is yet complete. I feel the Obama DOJ was complicit in the deceit/corruption and that those at the DOJ who orchestrated this process will be implicated. I think too that members of the DNC and Clinton Campaign will be targets as well.

Regarding members of the FBI and DOJ: more than anything this corruption surfacing will give authorities in the judicial system a mandate to clean up every intelligence department in every area. Why? As long as America is here, we MUST have intelligence operations and we must have judicial operations, both with legislative oversight. What this means simply is that all those in charge better be clean, innocent of wrongdoing, and not found complicit in any of these actions. If their hands are dirty in any way(s) they MUST be removed and prosecuted to the fullest extent of law — IF we as American citizens are to ever regain respect and trust for the FBI and DOJ.

That MUST happen!

See you tomorrow. Strap in: we’re on a tough and LONG ride!

“The” Memo

Here it is.

It is first a two-page letter from President Trump’s attorney referencing reasoning and legal authorization for this memo’s release. The next pages are the actual memo.  Please click on the following link and read the entire 4 page memorandum and the White House attorney’s letter. The let’s talk.



The Story

For weeks now we have watched and listened as the Leftist media and Congressional Democrats have blasted Congressman Devin Nunes for preparing and releasing this memorandum. They claimed basically that the release of the memorandum would initiate Armageddon on the U.S. Rather than speculate as the Media has continuously, tonight let’s ask some questions that are based on everything Americans have had shoved down our throats for months, and then as Americans let the questions we ask and the answers that we “deplorables” can garner ourselves from reading the memorandum begin a REAL process of ferreting out the truth of the FBI, the DOJ, AND the Obama White House used in investigating Russian collusion by the Trump organization prior to the Mueller Investigation.

Our Questions

  1. We were told the release of the Memo would endanger national security. Exactly what damage has been done by its release?
  2. (Assuming the answer would be “no danger to national security occurred) Why then did Democrat minority head of the House Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff warn Americans that the release when he knew there was no danger?
  3. Why did the FBI implore the White House to redact the names of all the FBI contributors to the investigation from the memo?
  4. Did the FBI in providing the “proof” necessary to convince a FISC judge a FISA warrant was justified lie to the judge providing false “proof” as evidence to justify such a warrant?
  5. How did James Comey, (then FBI Director) later Rod Rosenstein, (Deputy Attorney General) and FBI Director Christopher Ray convince the FISA judge that Carter Page was spying for the Russian government? Doing so is required for a FISA warrant to be issued, and in this case issued and renewed 3 times.
  6. Why did James Comey at the White House before the Inauguration tell President Trump the details of the Steele dossier and that it was full of wild conjecture and had no truth when days before he had used that dossier to convince the FISA judge to issue the warrant for the investigation?
  7. Why did two FBI officials who went to the Capitol to read the memo last Sunday state on the record there were no errors in the details contained in the memo only for the FBI to publicly release the next day a statement claiming the memo was full of incorrect information and releasing it was a danger to national security?
  8. Why mysteriously has the Leftist Media parroted for weeks exactly what Democrat Adam Schiff and every other Congressional Dem claimed as reasons to not release the memo?
  9. Why has President Trump been so surprisingly quiet immediately before and after the memo’s release, not attacking those involved in the FBI, DOJ, or even the media about the apparent hatchet job perpetrated through this investigation?
  10. Will the court and the judge or judges who issued the initial FISA warrant that was renewed several times take any actions against those in the DOJ and FBI who provided the evidence that was fabricated to justify the warrants?


In tomorrow’s story we will answer in detail each of the above 10 questions and provide factual evidence for our answers. I am certain you will have more questions. Please feel free to ask those questions below and we will answer those with evidence as we respond to these 10. Additionally after answering these and your questions, I will make some predictions about the future course of actions that will most likely be taken as a result of the actions detailed in the memo. One thing you need to know for sure: the information released in this memo comprises only 10-15% at most of the evidence of collusion between senior members of the Obama DOJ, FBI, and whoever else from the “real” Deep State” have been part of all this. And, probably, there are those who are STILL part of what is playing out.

There is plenty more to come. I’ll hint one prediction to you: this will go down as the most egregious and evil breach of intelligence in U.S. history before it is put to bed. It will dwarf the unbelievable illegal activity of Watergate. There will be millions of dollars earned by various books, novels, and movies and those who prepare them based on this corrupt chapter in U.S. Intelligence history. Sadly for Americans, more millions of taxpayer dollars will be sucked away by this and other investigations and prosecutions of those who were and part of this. Lady Liberty will be busy for several years to come.

Oh….we will also tell you how this will impact Robert Mueller and his minions.

The House Intelligence Committee Memo: Nuclear Bomb!

The nuclear bomb that is nastier and more powerful than any ever in our nation is about to explode. We are about to have the layers of the “corruption onion” called “American Intelligence” peeled back to lay naked the near-treasonous actions by the very individuals charged with protecting America. That protection is designed to carefully and thoroughly guarantee Americans we are safe 24/7 from all those who seek to take advantage of everything and everybody who lives in the U.S. It is anticipated that details contained in this memo will change the way American Intelligence operates today and forever.

What is already shockingly proven factual is that in an unprecedented manner those at the highest management levels of each Intelligence agency have locked arms with each other to mount and implement an attack on the Constitution, the rule of law, and the greatest political system on Earth — until today. The scariest of these pending revelations? For the first time in American history, the Mainstream Media and the Democrat Party have joined forces to coverup the truth of this corruption and take every measure possible to prevent Americans from discovering it. Their messaging is identical!

Who is blowing the dog whistle and passing out the talking points? Is it Schumer. Maybe it’s Pelosi. Maybe it is George Soros. It might even be — I’m going to say it — Barack Obama.

The book is out on who is in charge. But make no mistake, the Media AND the Democrat Party have resorted to the most vile, most vicious, loudest and wildest methods every seen to in lock step with each other STOP the release of the memo.

I cannot wait for its release! I will have plenty of narrative immediately upon its release. I will also post it in its entirety immediately when it is released to the public.

Make a point to check back here — hopefully tomorrow morning (Friday, February 2) to read it and share narrative, thoughts, and even questions.

I’ve said it before: “Buckle up….we’re about to take a wild ride together!

Anger, Disbelief, or Fear?

That’s a good question regarding the motives for the obvious disdain expressed by Democrats during the first State of the Union message of President Trump. Longtime Congressional Dem leaders, members of the Congressional Black Caucus, and many rank-and-file Democrats sat on their hands most of the evening. Something’s up for certain. What could it be?

While most everyone else in the Hall was on their feet applauding, here’s the things President Trump touted for which Democrats failed to applaud OR stand:

  • Black unemployment is at the lowest rate in recorded history;
  • The stock market has zoomed to never-before-achieved highs adding $8 Trillion of value to stocks — stocks owned by Americans, many who are Middle Class building retirement accounts;
  • Female unemployment is at its lowest level in 18 years;
  • His commitment to use all Federal resources available to fight opiod abuse;
  • 2.4 million new jobs created in his first year as President;
  • His promise to provide 1.8 million Dreamers amnesty and a path to citizenship — twice as much as offered by Obama in 2013 — which Democrats supported;
  • His promise to end immigration lottery and chain immigration replacing them with merit-based immigration — which Democrats supported in 2013;
  • His support for standing during  the National Anthem;
  • His praise for companies that on their own chose to give 3 million+ middle class employee bonuses $3 Billion+ in bonuses because of the new Tax Law;
  • Massive tax cuts for low and middle class Americans;
  • Companies like Apple announce they are bring hundreds of billions of profits made overseas back to the U.S. to build new factories and add tens of thousands of new jobs;
  • We are a nation with the motto “In God We Trust.”

It is uncanny to see the stark contrast during his address — not just between Democrats and Republicans on the floor, but between Democrats and the huge crowd of spectators in the Hall balconies that were guests of lawmakers.

So What’s Going on With Democrats?

Let’s look at and analyze the possible explanations for Democratic  venom for all things Trump as they appear on various political stages in America:

  • They simply hate him.

Congressional Black Caucus response when POTUS remarks that Black unemployment is lowest in history

I’ve believed for more than a year Democrats simply hate him and therefore refuse to support any issue he supports and any legislation he supports. They as a group support every issue he does not support as well as any legislation he does support. That would make sense — until last night. Certainly that explanation would be plausible IF the issues he has put forward that HE supports were the ones they have hated historically. Example: Immigration. His new immigration proposal is virtually identical to legislation that cleared the Senate in 2013 that the House then voted down, BUT he doubled the number of Dreamers that would be eligible for amnesty than Dems asked for in 2013.

  • Democrats want him to fail.

This theory can easily make sense, especially in the atmosphere created and amped up continuously during the 2016 campaign by the Leftist media and maintained even after his election. Remember, they for months all laughed on-air at any mention that Donald Trump could ever be elected President. He was and that embarrassed them all. Any and all of his successes while in office simply serve as salt rubbed in their wounds of being wrong in their election certainties that all placed Hillary at the podium giving that State of the Union speech — certainly not Donald Trump.

  • Democrats do not support the issues he detailed in his speech.

This is a tough one to mention. Why? Lower taxes for the Middle Class, numerous new jobs, low unemployment for Women and Black Americans, Immigration Reform, have all been the “property” of the Democrat Party for decades — yet they have failed miserably in attempts at making  those happen. Simply because he’s Donald Trump — the leader of America’s deplorables — they have turned against their historical ideals and election platform planks. Their leaders — Pelosi and Schumer — demand undying support for the politically correct positions on all issues when either blows their dog whistle. Pelosi and Schumer are in locked step against everything Trump supports, even if they supported those issues previously. Does this not — if it’s true — illustrate exactly the depth of hypocrisy on the Left: “Symbolism over Substance?”

And here’s the scariest of the possibilities:

  • Dems literally no longer support these longtime Democrat Party fundamental positions.

Could it be that these fundamental Democrat positions held for decades could no longer be positions which Democrats believe and support? If true, that means a 180 degree position change almost overnight.

  • Democrats fear Donald Trump.

This may be the most plausible explanation for what we saw play out at the Capitol. Because of the results already visible of the positive Trump policies, Dems are deathly afraid of what is happening. They fear Donald Trump’s ability to brush aside the constant blustery threats of Schumer and Pelosi, and to ignore or simply laugh at the continued hysterical attacks from the Mainstream Media. But most importantly, the Dems see that Americans are seeing not only that the President’s campaign promises have begun to come to pass, they are actually working! 

But their biggest fear is that with each economic, social, and foreign policy victory for the Nation under this President’s Administration, the political power long held by the Democratic Party erodes a bit more. And that power and control erosion is growing and consuming every liberal principle in its path. They simply do not know what to do. 


Seldom are decisions that are made based on fear the right choices. Because of that, we’re seeing Democratic leadership crumble before our eyes. What Pelosi, Schumer AND Establishment rank-and-file GOP and Dems in Congress are watching in horror is that political bunk is no longer acceptable to Americans. Americans in growing numbers are accepting the truth of that age old Scriptural principle, “You will know the truth AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.”

Because of this, the call of “Make America Great Again” is becoming believable.


How Bad is it Really?

With non-stop news 24/7 — conservative and liberal — only one thing is crystal clear: the D.C. corruption is front and center, and a little new “swamp mud” is identified daily. Is there any way to wade through it all to find even a small measure of truth?

Good question. Short answer is, “Maybe.” With so much information being thrown about and all labeled as “fact,” verification is a real chore. But through the process of trial and error with elimination, there may be some facts that stick. Let’s look at a few and those directly involved in each:

The New York Times and the Other National News Organizations

There is insufficient space here to list everyone of the unsubstantiated stories published by The NY Times in the last 18 months that are proven later to be false. The last 48 hours has seen non-stop coverage of the “news” that months ago, President Trump gave an order to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller — which, by the way, he is Constitutionally authorized to do. Of course the stories authors credit “unnamed sources” who gave them this blockbuster story. EVERY news outlet foamed at the mouth reporting and re-reporting and re-reporting this hit piece about the President.

Remember my constant cries for every reputable news outlet to refuse to print or broadcast (or publish in any other way) any story without revealing actual sources? Does anyone but me hate the term “unnamed sources?”

This massive revelation was front page today in the NY Times:

Meanwhile, in Davos, Switzerland the World looked in as President Trump took the Economic Summit by storm. Yesterday he hosted a luncheon with about 15 foreign corporate CEO’s of giant companies who each one at a time told how their company has made decisions to move billions of their corporate operating dollars — primarily through corporate investment, expansion, and growth — into the United States this year. Why? Because of the now friendly corporate tax environment. They pledged TENS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

This morning to close the Summit, President Trump gave a 15 minute speech that graciously and quietly re-stated his America First policy: we put America first in everything we do. But that does not mean “America Only.” He re-stated America’s commitment to as we continue our rapid economic growth to include every country who wants to come along.

There were published stories in abundance about how President Trump was looked at as a loose cannon and that no one attending the Summit wanted to have anything to do with him. He was a rock star all three days! Everyone wanted to meet him, sit with him, eat with him, and there was a line outside the convention hall of several hundred waiting to get in to hear his closing speech.

Oh, last evening when he walked through the hall, U.S. reporters asked him about his attempt to fire Robert Mueller, he paused, turned towards them, and destroyed 48 hours of international news that dominated the news cycle with four simple words: “Never happened….Fake News.”

My least favorite columnist on the Planet writes for The NY Times: David Leonhardt. Because of my promise to research stories for you, I am forced to read him daily. To illustrate just how far this once bastion of national news in America has slipped into supermarket tabloid “news,” click the following link to Leonhardt’s editorial published this morning (grab a barf bag before you read it):

No source of the “information” in his Op-ed or the original story created by two reporters, but the story AND the editorial head all the “news” in The NY Times today.

The “Swamp”

Who would have believed 100 years ago that Washington would be the Nation’s most corrupt city? Why is it so corrupt? The U.S. Government.

We see and hear non-stop illustrations of its corruption. What is playing out today regarding the Justice Department and the FBI is frightening. No longer are both institutions stellar intelligence and security operations whose leaders and workers continually provide to Americans the assurance that all who live and work within our borders are protected from any who wish to inflict harms of any kind. These two have become the weaponized tools of unscrupulous politicians and their cronies to carry out personal agendas for those to whom FBI and Justice Department administrators and managers have political obligations. Not all FBI and DOJ people fall into this category — but many do.

We obviously have barely scratched the surface of the corruption there and in other Intelligence operations. How much graft and corruption exist in non-intelligence agencies? Who knows. Let’s review a short list of recent political American corruption:

  • Hillary Clinton “Email-Gate”
  • Bill Clinton and Attorney General Lynch meeting privately while FBI investigation underway
  • CNN collaboration with Clinton Campaign regarding debate questions and answers
  • Hillary rigging Democrat Party nomination process to dump Bernie Sanders
  • “Russia-Gate” and Russian collusion with the Trump Campaign
  • Clinton funding of the Russia dossier to discredit Trump and attempt confirmation of Russian collusion
  • Clinton Foundation receipt of millions in Pay for Play scheme brokered by Hillary’s State Department
  • James Comey’s “fake” investigation findings in Hillary investigation
  • James Comey’s illegal transfer of FBI confidential documents to a Columbia University professor to distribute to the news “anonymously”
  • Clintons’ millions in contributions during the Uranium One scandal
  • The entire tainted Mueller investigation of the Trump Campaign and who Mueller has placed on his team
  • Non-stop attempts by Leftist power brokers to discredit, defame, and slander President Trump, including funding of ANTIFA and other Leftist operations


Here’s the largest, most glaring, and the scariest: while Robert Mueller is investigating Russian attempts to affect the results of the 2016 election, it is now apparent that the Russians did not do so. It appears that the United States Government through efforts of many in the Justice Department and the FBI worked hand in hand with Leftists inside and outside the Democrat Party to do just that: GET HILLARY ELECTED WHILE KEEPING DONALD TRUMP OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!

Say what you will about that last statement, but it sadly appears to be factual.