North Korea Summit: Will it Ever Happen?


Congressional Leftists are crying “The Sky is Falling” because Donald Trump canceled the summit with North Korea. They do NOT really care to understand the reasoning — and the ART OF A DEAL that is obviously at play here. Listen today to the conversation with multiple members of Congress about wildly varying thoughts about the cancellation of the summit and what’s ahead. Thank’s for listening!

MS-13: Illegal Immigrants or “Animals?”


President Trump was accused by the Mainstream Media of in a White House round table calling ALL illegal immigrants “Animals.” As often occurs, the MSM got it wrong — many feel on purpose. The President with that remark referenced ONLY members of the MS-13 gang — a vicious and violent gang that originated in El Salvador that systematically tortures, rapes, sometimes hacks off victims limbs and ev n decapitates victims. 

Let’s look closer at MS-13 and it’s impact in the USA. 

Tuesday Bullet Points: May 22, 2018


Today we are re-activating our “Tuesday Bullet Point” feature. Every Tuesday we will summarize via bullet points highlights of the previous several days regarding important happenings of all types critical to all Americans. The difference going forward is “Tuesday Bullet Points” will be presented via our podcast instead of a written post. Enjoy!

School Slaughters: Enough!!!


Another school mass shooting: Santa Fe High School in Texas joins the recently attacked Parkland, Florida high school among the two dozen or so schools that have sustained similar attacks since the first: Columbine in Colorado.  Political rhetoric again runs amuck. The outcome of that rhetoric will no doubt be the same: no action, symbolic gestures from politicians at federal, state, and local levels, and students and their parents all across America will again approach school everyday in total terror of becoming the next target of some crazed gunman. Student protests like the one pictured above have not worked to initiate meaningful changes to stop such violence.

Want a fix — a REAL fix? There’s only one that can be implemented quickly. Listen for that fix in detail. And it has already worked!


Anarchy: Are we There?


Anarchy: 1. a state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority.  2. lawlessness, nihilism, mobocracy, revolution, insurrection, disorder, chaos, mayhem, tumult, turmoil.

Anarchists move to abolish laws or at least make laws ineffective. The 60’s ushered in “Revolution” to the U.S. — primarily due to the Vietnam War and the cries against it.

We’re headed again toward Anarchy. Listen to today’s Podcast for the reasoning to support that.


“F_ _ _ _ the NRA!” (New Mexico Democrat Congressional Candidate Pat Davis)



A Democratic congressional candidate in New Mexico used an expletive in a television ad to condemn the National Rifle Association and inaction by U.S. lawmakers on gun control, beginning a 15-second spot with the words “F— the NRA.” In the ad, Albuquerque City Council member Pat Davis goes on to the say that NRA policies have “resulted in dead children, dead mothers and dead fathers,” and that “if Congress won’t change our gun laws, we’re changing Congress.”

Davis’s follow-up 15-second ad says “In the 15 seconds of this ad, an AR-15 can shoot 150 times……”

As nasty as was his first ad, denigrating every one of the millions of NRA members (not one of who has ever perpetrated a mass shooting)  is not nearly as horrible as the gross exaggeration contained in his second ad: NO AR-15 can shoot 150 time in 15-seconds. If there was a magazine that actually held 150 shells that could deliver those shells into the chamber of an AR-15 to fire in 15 seconds, the barrel of that AR-15 would literally melt.

Davis is given a pass by his supporters and benignly by many who see his ads. Why? He’s a former policeman. And policeman KNOW these things, right? In this case, not so much.

Let’s Get Started

The crux of every gun conversation is about gun control: will it work stopping murders; can it be done legally; what would that look like and who would implement that process? In this conversation we have heard many suggestions — all of which are fueled by the emotion of mass shootings and speculation of what would “definitely” work to stop such murders. But none that I have seen provide facts.

In today’s Podcast I am providing actual facts that explain using multiple other countries murder statistics as compared to their legal gun ownership so that finally Americans can get some real facts to form educated opinions. You will have to listen closely, for there are many statistics intertwined with narrative: DON’T LOSE THE FACTS! To make this easier for you to refer to these facts and statistics later, at the end of this I am providing a link to the written transcript of this Podcast — at least the statistics and country comparisons — so you can get comfortable to base your gun control opinion on facts and can pass these facts along to others if you wish. Here we go!

Below is the Link to Download the Transcript of this Podcast

Do We Need Gov’t Gun Control Laws

Clinton Scandals: With FACTS!


Quietly and behind the scenes, it’s getting dicy for Bill and Hillary. Take a listen to get a storyline, timeline, and facts documenting Clinton scandals. Thanks for joining in!

Coastal Comedians Have Destroyed Political Comedy

Every Late Night television talk show host uses monologues to give us one final hearty laugh for the day. Taking shots at the current President and those in the current Administration have always been a good fallback for these comedians. However, sometimes they take things a little bit far.

Without Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, Late Night dramatically changed. Humor morphed into simply making often veiled attacks at politicians — demeaning some and laughing at others. Chasing ratings was all that mattered. They quickly discovered that using famous politicians as their nightly target seemed to always work pretty well. They ALL thanked the Heavens when Donald Trump beat Hillary.

Donald Trump gave them campaign rhetoric, a strange hairdo, tanning bed eyes, a long tie, and a confidence never before seen so outwardly in any other television era President. And he tweets — constantly.

Here’s how Late Night in the U.S. analyzed President Trump’s first 100 days in office:

Those were during the Trump first 100 days. It has only steadily worsened since.

Never mind the successes of this presidency in just 17 months. Never mind all those successes came from within the most hateful, vitriolic, spiteful, and obstructionist political climate in American history. Forget the fact that even many establishment Republicans have turned their backs on the leader of their own party. By any measure, Donald Trump has shocked almost all Americans, many foreign citizens, and especially foreign leaders with the positive results seen under his leadership — even in foreign relations. Rarely does a novice arrive at the White House that achieves much of anything in a first term, yet alone seen the dramatic positive results we’ve seen so quickly from the Trump Administration.

None of this success was lost on the Hollywood-New York entertainment industry who in the 8 Obama years took complete control of the American political landscape — or so they thought. Barack Obama literally handed them the keys with his full authority to shape the political landscape for this generation. They gladly accepted. They hurriedly set their plans in motion to overturn almost everything the United States has stood for for at least a century or so. And they used entertainment. And they are using comedy.

They’ve Forgotten

Unfortunately for the Late Night-ers, they and their producers have really short memories. They forgot that voters from almost every state inside the U.S. coastal borders voted against their Hollywood’s ideals, opting instead to vote for MAGA. From the very announcement by Donald Trump of his bid for President, comedy writers were turned loose and mounted non-stop attacks on everything “Donald Trump” they could imagine. It matters not if it’s Baron, Melania, Donald Jr., Eric, Ivanka or Jared, or ANYTHING about Donald personally, everyone and everything “Trump” is a target — including even the personal appearance of White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. (Where are the women’s’ rights advocates who if Sanders was a Democrat would be setting Washington on fire!)

Remember all the racial discussions about conservative “dog whistles” during the Obama presidency? Anyone that was not Democrat who dared to mention something that could be associated with racism was immediately accused of blowing the “dog whistle” of supremacy so as to call every conservative to a dog fight. Late Night television is dog fight headquarters! Talk show hosts are quick to blow that dog whistle daily. And every Coastal-Potomac Elitist is quick to answer the whistle “or else.” If they are slow on the response or do not respond at all, they are immediately demeaned on-air by their counterparts (who hate them anyway, simply because they are competitors) and are derided by the mainstream press for not staying in line.

It is important to note that these shows are competing for numbers that once would have been considered catastrophic. Carson could pull in 9 million viewers when one of his shows popped; he averaged 19 million viewers a night his final week on air in 1992. By way of comparison, Stephen Colbert is winning the late-night race with 3 million viewers! That’s better than MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, but not by much. This means that all it takes to become a giant of late-night TV is winning over a Maddow-like audience, exactly Colbert’s strategy. I’m sorry, but beating Maddow ain’t winning!

If this trend is inevitable, it’s not a good thing. It removes yet another neutral zone, free of social and political contention, from American life. And it foretells the death of real late night comedy — something that millions of Americans for years planned their evenings around during the Carson and Leno Tonight Show decades.

In this anti-Trump environment, the quality of the comedy on these shows is certain to continue to plummet, while the quality of the political commentary continues to be inevitably poor.

All that is seen and heard on Late Night is now just political monologue rather than dialogue. As Kimmel, Colbert, and Fallon show us night after night, it’s a short step from believing that you don’t need the patronage of the other side to feeling contempt for it. All three are NOT trying to convince anyone; they are simply scorning and mocking Trump for the benefit of people who already hate him.

Johnny Carson once said, “I would love to have taken on Billy Graham. But I’m on TV five nights a week; I have nothing to gain by it and everything to lose.” Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel, competing for the crown in a much-diminished late-night kingdom, beg to differ, and unfortunately, they’re right.

My two cents: as Late Night ratings plunge so does advertising revenue. Coastal Political Elitist Late Night Comedy is not dying: it’s already dead.

Would someone unplug them and turn-on Andy Griffith Show reruns? At least there’d be some substance AND humor on television in late night.


D.C. Weaponization Against Americans


It’s happening: weaponizing Washington D.C. to attack Americans. Who’s doing it? Exactly how is it happening? What does it look like? Click the link below and get the facts. Thanks for listening!

President Trump just Can’t Get it Right!


Good news coming out of our nation’s Capital — but if you watch or listen to Mainstream Media, you’d feel that like Chicken Little, “The Sky is Falling!” The good news is NOT lost here. Listen today to our discussion about the U.S. pulling out of the Iran deal, a report with details of the best economic year in U.S. history, an update on the Mueller investigation, and the truth about the confirmation hearing by the Senate with the to-be-approved CIA Director. Thanks for listening!