Democrats Release Tax INCREASE Plan for Americans

That's right: Congressional Democrats have quietly released their tax increase plan they intend to implement "IF" American voters give them majority control in Congress in November. Think about that: Americans just months ago received the largest tax cuts in recent… More


Plenty of it to go around, that's for sure. Do you find yourself shaking your head in wonder at some of the policy decisions and opinions of non-Washington American life issues by some of those who Americans pay handsomely to… More


Ever watched a 6-year-old who wants some money from Mom or Dad? When they get that money, something magical happens: they suddenly become "in charge" of something and feel empowered simply by having that money. It's not so different for… More

Stop U.S. Mass Shootings: Another Doctor’s Suggestion

NOTE: At we do NOT endorse or recommend the works or services of any individual, group, or company of which we report, including the following doctor. We present these reports to our members for their consideration. As always we… More

Mass Shootings: An Answer

There is NO cure-all to stop mass shootings. In the wake of the slaughter in Parkland, Florida, once again Americans seek answers. Doing away with all guns would be wonderful IF legal, IF possible, IF practical. But that answer is… More

“Pajama Boy” has the Left on Fire!

    Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice on North Korea: Obama era and Trump (In December, 2017) Obama national security adviser Susan Rice said that the U.S. has consistently failed to curtail North Korea's nuclear ambitions, even during the… More

“To Tariff or not To Tariff?”

A short while ago I spent several weeks in Switzerland, which included several weekend trips to Milan, Munich, Innsbruck, and even little Lichtenstein. I'm a Harley guy, have a couple, and went to Harley dealers in these places to look.… More

Oscars In the Tank

The 2018 overnight ratings for the Oscars showed viewership down 15%+ from the 2017 show. That coincides with precipitous ratings drops for the last few Screen Actor Guild Awards show (SAG Awards), Golden Globes, even the Grammys, CMA's and American… More

“If” Hillary was President

Just imagine for a few minutes what our world would look like if November 2016's presidential election resulted in President Hillary Clinton rather than President Donald Trump. No matter your political persuasion, I think all will agree that the last… More


Every day, all day, gun control is front and center on every news channel -- both broadcast AND cable -- spinning the political correctness features of it from every side. Quite honestly, we see and hear the same things immediately… More